PSTV Impact

Each year PSTV has had the opportunity to train hundreds of students with little resources. We are so grateful for our students, alumni, volunteers and partners as none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of our work.  The work we do not only provides opportunities for students to delve their hands into something new, but also be part of industry-standard experiences and opportunities. We provide students a chance to learn a new skill that can be of use in any field they chose to pursue.

PSTV aligns its work with industry professionals and along with The School District of Philadelphia Anchor Goals. PSTV is proud to announce we have alumni who attend the following schools that we are aware of to name a few: Community College of Philadelphia, Temple University, Drexel University, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Columbia University, LaSalle, Villanova, PENN University. Columbia College Chicago.