Shelley Wolfe, Executive Director of Media & Production Services
Shelley comes to Philadelphia via Silicon Valley, where she was the Executive Director of KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media. She is a highly recognized collaborative change agent with an extensive background in the nonprofit sector & the entertainment industry working to bridge these industries through partnerships, technology & media.

She has spent 20+ years working in community television, running three PEG stations across the country that encompassed numerous channels. Shelley is known in the community for her outreach, mentoring, leadership and connecting individuals and businesses with media opportunities to tell their stories. She has received numerous awards for Mentorship, Leadership and Video Production.

She has also spent the last two decades working in the music industry on global campaigns featuring international talent, artist management & development, event & conference planning, administration, operations & fund development, sales & marketing, digital & media literacy programs, A/V production services, program development, social media campaigns, producer, editor, distribution with digital & traditional media outlets for both audio & visual media content. She is the CEO  her own company Toolbox Entertainment & Strategic Consulting.  Shelley currently sits on the Board of Directors for Foundation of Alliance for Community Media Foundation– National Board, OneDrum Foundation, Jamar Jones Institute. RYCT Certified, Google Classroom Level 1 Certified

Manuel Yepez – Media Production Manager
Manuel is a seasoned television producer and multimedia content creator from Venezuela. Since his early years, he was eager to understand the singular world of television. He started learning the whole production process by going hands-on camera, screenwriting, and video editing. For more than a decade, he has produced a vast variety of TV show genres in his native country ranging from daily shows, game shows, news and, live music events. In the US, he had worked as a Producer/Editor for NFL Films and more recently as a Video editing instructor for PhillyCAM. Professional videographer and photographer as well.


Julian Jefferson – Digital Service Fellow
Julian is a big time thinker who loves to make ideas come to life. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he’s been enamored by music since a young age. Making music has always been an important part of Julian’s life and his love of video games and tv shows opened up a new world for him. Making music to accompany a story and highlight the crucial elements of that story was now the best thing he could do for a living. He’s worked with a startup company doing graphic design for their marketing team, took classes at Drexel University, and is now studying to gain I.T. certifications.


Judie Thai – Computer Support Specialist
Judie is a native Philadelphian that comes from a game development background, as she studied animation & game arts in Philadelphia and has worked two years as a freelance game developer for various titles-in-progress such as Keyhole and BrunchFace. She has received numerous awards from winning multiple game jams in the Philadelphia area and from her work in school. She currently works on four different games-in-development with multiple teams.

She has a love for programming and is transitioning from the arts into tech with an innovative mindset and a knack for creativity that has been fostered from her background in art. She is an IT professional-in-training and a professional artist.