Shelley Wolfe, Executive Director of Media & Production Services

Shelley Wolfe brings a wealth of experience as a creative and collaborative change innovator, seamlessly blending her extensive background in the nonprofit and entertainment sectors. Formerly the Executive Director of KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media, she now serves as the Executive Director for PSTV, the education channel for the Philadelphia School District—the 8th largest district in the country.

With 27 years dedicated to Community Television, she has managed four Community Media Facilities facilities(13 independent channels) nationwide. She is nationally recognized for her Leadership, Mentoring, and Production work. Shelley is known for innovative work designing media spaces and media experiences for youth and adults.
She is known for connecting individuals and businesses with media opportunities.

In the entertainment industry, Shelley has spent two decades working on global campaigns featuring international talent. Her roles encompass but are not limited to artist management, event and conference planning, fund development, administration, operations, sales, marketing, digital media literacy programs, A/V production services, and program development.

As the CEO of Toolbox Entertainment & Strategic Consulting, Shelley continues to make a mark in the industry.
Shelley’s passion for education and mentorship is evident in her role at PSTV, where she has built the channel into a leading industry-standard multimedia environment for Philadelphia students. Through her multimedia and audio production experience, she has empowered over 800 underrepresented students in studio production and provided classes and resources, traditional and non-traditional, to nearly 7,000 students. She is committed to bridging industries is reflected in her work to connect communities through partnerships, technology, and media.

Shelley sits on the Board of Directors for the Foundation Alliance for Community Media Foundation– National Board, PhillyCam Board, OneDrum Foundation, Simby, and the Jamar Jones Institute. She is certified in RYCT, ITMI, Google Classroom Level 1, Adobe Educator 1 DaVinci Resolve, and a Certified Life Coach.

Manuel Yepez – Media Production Manager

I am Manuel, and I enjoy helping people tell their stories!
For many years, I worked behind the scenes in television, creating all sorts of genres, from game shows to exciting live events. I even got to work on some NFL Films!

Now, I get to share my passion with students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. I teach them to use cameras, editing tools, and scriptwriting to bring their stories to life.

Seeing the joy and excitement on their faces when they finish creating media they are proud of is rewarding; it is my favorite part of the job! ✨

If you’ve ever wanted to tell your story, I’m here to help! Let’s create something amazing together!


Julian Jefferson – Project Coordinator
I’m Julian Jefferson, a creative visionary who loves to create new and immersive art. A lot of the work I’ve done has been in IT and helpdesk. Assisting with everyday technology issues as well as hardware repairs. I also have experience teaching multimedia classes as well as multimedia content creation which include videos, flyers, 3D art galleries, and pictures. I love playing the drums and being in tune with music and currently teaching myself how to play bass. For fun I like to play video games and board games and hang out with my friends and talk about life/philosophy/ethics.


Jim Wells, M.S.Ed – Media Technician Production Facilitator 

Jim’s passion for providing exceptional arts and technology opportunities to young people originates from the influence that such opportunities had on him growing up. He holds a BA in Media Studies and Education from Hampshire College and a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on finding ways to integrate hip-hop culture into the public school curriculum, and has spent various parts of his adult life as a touring musician, a college professor teaching courses about the impact of hip-hop on social justice movements, and a dive bartender. Most significantly, he co-founded Blackboard Labs (which later merged with youth-focused nonprofit Jr Music Executive), an after-school program based around providing safe spaces for Philadelphia teenagers to create hip-hop music and connect with members of the Philly hip-hop community. He has an unhealthy obsession with Philadelphia sports and Florida Gators football and probably spends more time on his Xbox than he should.

Naiser Warren-Robbinson – Media Technician Production Facilitator 

Naiser is a highly skilled and versatile communications expert with a passion for giving a voice to the voiceless. A former student of PSTV, Naiser has gone on to acquire skills and experience in a variety of sectors in multimedia, including video production, audio production, photography and journalism. Alongside PSTV, Naiser hopes to empower students with the knowledge and confidence needed to take on this world.

Dylan McKeon – UTP CSS

Dylan is a Computer Support Specialist for the Urban Technology Project who has been working with PSTV since Summer 2022. A graduate from Goucher College who majored in Computer Science and Creative Writing, Dylan looks to find new ways to tell stories and communicate ideas via tech and multimedia. Through his time with PSTV, he acquired skills in video editing, camerawork, and music production. In addition he earned certifications in Google Educator, DaVinci Resolve, Comp TIA IT and A+. In his spare time, he enjoys tabletop games, comics, and cooking.

Anyae Chapple – CSS of UTP

Anyae is a Computer Support Specialist for the Urban Technology Project, whose passion for Digital Media and teaching led her to PSTV. She was a Digital Service Fellow for two years where she learned beginners skills in Photography, Video Editing, and Music Production. Throughout those years she led an after-school club teaching the youth how to create digital media projects with the technology resources they had. After work, Anyae likes to go to poetry reading, create and analyze music, and relax with her loved ones.