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PSTV is hiring

We are thrilled to announce a great opportunity to work along side a very collaborative team.

Philadelphia School Television (PSTV) is seeking highly qualified individuals to create training programs and provide virtual trainings for  K-12 students. The nature of this role is to provide a one-off media workshop that can be taught in 1 day or a mixture of sessions over a weekly or biweekly schedule.

This is a very innovative opportunity where Individuals will pitch media programs they are interested in designing and developing, and will provide virtual instruction. PSTV encourages a variety of media forms and requires the program designs to be structured to where students using Chromebooks can have full access to taking these workshop offerings.

The goal is to provide beneficial and accessible programs for students while maintaining a high level of equity. SDP clearance guidelines must be followed and passed to pursue this opportunity if your proposal is selected. If interested please reach out for more information at


PSTV is looking to hire a Media Production Facilitator – FT or PT available. This is a contract position that will be hired through a third-party vendor.  The Media Facilitator will assist with the development and providing training for student k-12 in all areas of media production related.  MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING IN A CONTROL ROOM. Ideal candidate will also have some basic IP/NDI understanding as these are IP/NDI studios. This position is NOT about producing your own content, it is a managing and facilitating position.  You will be training, and facilitating  Youth, learning experiences and having youth develop ongoing media programming for in-the-classroom and after-school opportunities. This is a great opportunity to mentor and lead youth into the future of media opportunities.

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PSTV is hiring Teaching Artists – We are excited to announce the opportunity for you to bring your skill sets forward and work with the youth of Philadelphia in providing industry-standard training skills in all areas of media production.  Currently, all programming is being done virtually and in person.  Must be able to teach in both formats. The Key is to develop programming that is accessible via Chromebook.

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