FAQ about Media Hubs

What are PSTV Media Hubs?

PSTV has been provided a grant through Comcast to bring media technology to the schools. Schools apply will apply for a media hub. In selecting schools and rolling out new media equipment this is an amazing opportunity to have tools that will work in a multi faceted way.

You can use media tools in the classroom; provide students hands on learning through school based and after-school programs organized by your school staff. If your school is selected you will have the opportunity to partner with PSTV staff to develop an inclusionary program that benefits the students, teachers and the school.

Where can a Media Hub be found?

2017/2018 is the pilot year of the Media Hub Program. During this school year, PSTV will be rolling out Media Hubs to four K-8 SDP schools and 3 SDP high schools. Our goal is to ensure every school has access to media equipment over the next 15 years.

How do the Media Hubs benefit students?

The Media Hub program is meant to be an ongoing learning opportunity for students and teachers. The Media Hub will provide schools media technology for use in their day-to-day curriculum as well as after school. Students will learn hands on digital and media technology in the classroom.

Students will learn to operate cameras, frame shots, plan productions, conduct interviews, shoot b-roll, and edit on I-Movie. They will learn basic 21st-century skills, including working with a team, planning and executing complex projects, basic research, talking with adults in a professional setting and on the phone, and media literacy.

Students will also have the opportunity for extended learning opportunities at the PSTV studios located at the School District’s main office.

Will PSTV provide instructors?

No.  Schools will provide a dedicated staff member(s) to take ownership along with the Principal of each school. Schools are encouraged to find 2-5 educators to support this initiative. Schools selected for this grant-funded initiative will be tasked to generate video content from their schools to be aired on the District’s Education Television Channel, PSTV’s website, YouTube site and can be used by the students and teachers to create video reels.

What is educators involvement?

Principals will assign a Principal Designee as well as recruit educators to manage the media hubs.

For schools that may not have had access to equipment or are unsure as to how to bring media to the classroom, our goal is to provide you all the tools you need, from training educators, using media equipment, integrating media production into lesson planning, and providing specialize rubrics.

We know that many of your educators are already using media in their classrooms and we want to provide support to educators already using media in the classroom, including basic media production skills, and increase skills and resources beyond the classroom.

Our main goal is to provide students 21st Century media skills. Digital and Media literacy is imperative to students learning today and we want be able to provide support and resources to educators to bring to their students, either in the classroom or through an after school program.

Will PSTV be making videos for my school?

NO. PSTV will provide training to educators so they can train their own students how to use the equipment. Once trained how to use equipment, students will have the opportunity to make their voices heard and seen through their eyes. Schools are responsible for making educators available to the Media Hub program to learn how to use the equipment and then be able to train in and beyond the classroom.

Why is PSTV doing this?

PSTV is the education channel for the school district. PSTV can be seen on Xfinity/Comcast Channel 52, Verizon 20 and online at www.philasd.org/live.

The Office of Information Technology (PSTV) and the School District of Philadelphia have an invested interest in providing students college and career ready opportunities within the media field. Even if a student does not go into media they will still walk away with 21st Century skills that will benefit their futures.

How many videos does my Media Hub need to produce?

Each school that is selected will be required to provide a minimum of six (6) content video pieces to run on PSTV. PSTV will work closely with each school to ensure that the grant guidelines are being met and to ensure, growth and opportunity with each program. The six (6) pieces of content can include but not limited to; student of the month, sports, plays, concerts, PSA’s, etc.

Is there EC money for educators to run the Media Hub Program?

PSTV does not provide any funding.  It is up to the school to determine if they want to provide EC money if they decide to host an after school program using the Media Hub.

My equipment is broken or has been stolen will PSTV replace?

No, PSTV turns over all ownership and responsibility to the school to manage. All replacements of broken or stolen equipment will be managed at the school level.  Work with your principal.


How do I apply for a Media Hub?

Each year we will open the application process around the end of March.  All schools are encouraged to apply.