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PSTV Media Hubs

PSTV is thrilled to announce a pilot program of PSTV Media Hubs.  In 2017/2018 school year we will roll out Media Hubs to the following schools. Each year there will be a application process. REGISTER HERE TODAY!

James Dobson, Francis Scott Key Elementary, Edward Gideon Schoo, Bodine High School for International Affairs, Bache- Martin Elementary School, Parkway Center City High School, Ben Franklin High School


What is the PSTV Media Hub program?

PSTV has been provided a grant through Comcast to bring media technology to the schools. In selecting schools and rolling out new media equipment this is an amazing opportunity to have tools that will work in a multi faceted way.

You can use media tools in the classroom; provide students hands on learning through school based and after-school programs organized by your school staff. If your school is selected you will have the opportunity to partner with PSTV staff to develop an inclusionary program that benefits the students, teachers and the school.



Media is an investment into the future. Videos are powerful and persuasive ways of representing and connecting schools and communities to the public. Media has been proven to enable and empower student voices through creativity and applied skills. Studies show that students engaged in the media arts creates strong communication, pro social interaction, critical thinking and writing skills that support the everyday learner.

Students who participate in PSTV programming will have the opportunity to work in a cross-functional team and will be exposed to developmental opportunities so that they develop the necessary skills needed to compete socially and academically. Students who participate will develop 21st Century skills that incorporates; critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, information, media and technology skills as well as life and career skills that can be applied to the classroom.

Educators partnering with PSTV will also be developed to be able to expand their skill-set while understanding the connections between digital media in classroom instruction.



Last modified: April 16, 2018