Posted on January 9, 2024
Categories: Research and Evaluation

Through Listening and Learning sessions held from February to May 2023, we sought to better understand the factors that most impact teacher attendance and retention. This slide deck presents the findings from sessions with School-Based Teacher Leaders (STBLs), school leaders, and Central Office staff.

Participants described three overarching themes related to the challenges of teacher retention and attendance, and three “protective factors” that they believe combat teacher burnout and mobility.


  • Burnout caused by workloads, lost preps, and climate & safety issues
  • Dissatisfaction with leadership, policies, and facilities
  • Capacity issues in preparation, support, and time

Protective Factors: 

  • Leadership that shows grace & empathy, strong vision, and recognition
  • Community built through professional collaboration and relationship building
  • Support including coverages, coaching, and non-instructional staff & partners

View the complete slide deck below to learn more about the challenges and protective factors that participants identified during the sessions.