School Progress Reports (previous framework)

Click here for information on the District’s new accountability tool, the School Progress Report on Education and Equity.

Click here for information on end-of-year reporting for the 2019-2020 school year.


The School Progress Report (SPR) is an innovative tool designed to help us support, respond to, and improve our schools. The SPR reflects our core belief that all students deserve to attend great schools and that we must hold ourselves to a standard of equitable educational excellence. The SPR enables us to both see whether we are meeting this standard, and to track progress and growth of students against the District’s anchor goals (outlined in Action Plan).

Key Features:

  • The SPR looks at schools across multiple dimensions, reflecting and appreciating the richness and complexity of the educational experience
  • Among these dimensions, the SPR puts the most emphasis on student growth, reflecting our focus on and commitment to ensuring that all of our students are learning
  • The SPR includes useful comparisons within “peer group” schools that are serving similar student populations
  • The SPR is a local management tool that is designed to be both fair and actionable across District and Charter Schools

Purpose and Use:

  • To identify and celebrate successes
  • To identify areas needing interventions and supports
  • To enable evidence-based decisions about intervention, replication, renewal, and expansion
  • To strategically focus resources for greatest impact on students
  • To track progress against the Action Plan anchor goals

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