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Education in the U.S.

Understanding the U.S. educational system and how or where to register a child in school might seem like a mystery. What is required to enroll a child in school? Who are all the people you see in schools? Whom do you talk to if you have a concern or if your child has a problem? At what age children start school, and how long is the school day? What to do if your child must be absent? We have answers and resources to help you transition to life in the U.S.

Education in the U.S.

Parent Orientation

This video provides you with an overview of your rights, the different school staff and programs, and other important information.

Immigrants and Refugees

The Multilingual Assessment Center (MAC) enrolls immigrant, refugee and students who speak a language other than English.

Language Access

We offer live in-person and telephonic interpretation, and translate District-wide and school specific documents.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Students can improve their English language skills by attending an ESOL program.

ESOL Level Descriptions
Policies relevant to English Learners

Know Your Rights

  • Schools have an obligation to enroll students regardless of immigration status, race, color or national origin.
  • Schools cannot ask families to present a Social Security card.
  • Schools are prohibited from reporting student immigration status.

Who is who at school?

Everyone in a school plays a role in educating students. It is important to understand the various roles in our schools.
Bilingual Counseling Assistant (BCA)
School Police
Special Education Liaison (SEL)

Find Your School

Enter your address on the following link and find out the name of your neighborhood school and where it is located.

Enrollment Documents

Learn about what are the documents needed to enroll your child in school and access the school application package.