For Vendors

How do I become a vendor with the School District?

Please fill out the Bidder Application Form and your company’s information will be added to our database. (You can also use this form to provide us with updated information.) Although we use our database to notify vendors of opportunities they may be interested in, we cannot guarantee that you will be notified for every suitable opportunity. Therefore, we strongly reccommend that you check the Sealed Bid Schedule regularly.

I am an approved vendor, but the Procurement office is telling schools that they cannot purchase my products. Why is that?

The term “approved vendor” is often used to indicate that a vendor has a vendor ID in our financial system and is set up for payment. This does not mean that purchases from any vendors in our system are automatically approved. All purchases must be consistent with our policies and compliant with current District contracts.

How can I get a Vendor ID number?

Vendor ID numbers can only be requested by District employees with proof of intent to purchase. Vendor ID’s will not be provided upon the vendor’s request.

I have been contacted regarding a City of Philadelphia tax compliance certificate. What is this and where do I obtain this?

Vendors under contract with the District must be current in their payment of City of Philadelphia taxes. Tax compliance certificates can be obtained through the City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue.

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