Buyer Program Office Assignments

Kelly Earl

  1. Academic Supports
    a. Early Childhood
    b. Office of High Schools
    c. OSS
    d. Multilingual
    e. Curriculum
    f. Teaching & Learning
    g. Arts
    h. High School Supports
    i. CTE
    j. Health/PE
    k. Athletics
    l. Postsecondary Readiness
    m. Academic Initiatives
    n. Academic Supports
  2. Chief of Schools
    a. School Operations
    b. Leadership Development
    c. School Improvement
    d. School & Network Development
    e. All Learning Networks
  3. School Safety
    a. Operations
    b. School Operations
    c. Emergency Management
    d. Strategic Planning
    e. Restorative Practices & Programs
  4. Information Technology
    a. IT Security
    b. Information Systems
    c. Technology Services
    d. Educational Technology
    e. IT Help Desk
    f. PSTV

Jennifer Barnes

  1. Finance
    a. Financial Services
    b. Grants Fiscal
    c. Budget and Planning
    d. Accounting Services
    e. Procurement/Printing Services
  2. Communications
    a. Customer Service
    b. Media Relations
  3. General Counsel
    a. Ethics & Compliance
    b. Individualized Special Services
    c. Labor and Litigation
    d. Transactional
  4. Board of Education
    a. Board Initiatives
    b. Internal Auditing
    c. Charter Schools
    d. Inspector General
  5. Chief of Staff Office
    a. Strategic Planning & Implementation
    b. Strategic Partnerships
    c. Grant Development
    d. School Planning
    e. School Transitions
    f. Policy
    g. Public and Government Relations
  6. Student Support Services
    a. Student Placement
    b. Student Rights, Responsibilities and Appeals
    c. Prevention & Intervention
    d. Student Health Services
    e. Climate & Safety
    f. F.A.C.E
  7. Evaluation, Research & Accountability
    a. Performance
    b. Research and Evaluation
    c. Accountability
    d. Planning and Evidence-based Supports
    e. Data Governance
    f. Assessment
  8. Talent
    a. Employee Relations
    b. Employee Support Services
    c. Talent Acquisition
    d. Health Services and Employee Records
    e. Certification & Customer Support
    f. Retirement & Unemployment
    g. Classification & Compensation
    h. Evaluation

Pascal Marcellus

  1. Operations
    a. Transportation
    b. Food Services
    c. Facilities
    d. Maintenance
    e. Environmental
    f. Capital Programs