After School Visit

If you are planning to come to PSTV you must fill out this form 24 hours prior and get approval from a staff person before coming to PSTV.  This is so we can guarantee, staff is available to support you and let you know in advance if the space you would like to work in is available or in use.  Below you will find a “tabbed calendar” that will have access to see availability to our Broadcast Studio, Xpress Studio, Edit Bays and Mixed Media Lounge.

Reservations can only be made by students that have gone through orientation process or completed studio production workshops. Reserving time is on a first come first serve basis. No student will be allowed at PSTV during the hours of normal school operation or if suspended from their registered school.

+No Drop ins will be allowed.
+PSTV hours for students is 3-6PM Monday -Thursday – PSTV is closed on Fridays to students
+If school is closed per district calendar or closes early PSTV will also close.

How to know what to register for:

Studio = Main Green Screen Studio and Control Room – must have completed Studio Production Class (you can register for 2hour time slots)

Xpress Studio = Mini Recording booth and Mixing Computer – must have completed logic class (you can register for 1hour time slot)

Edit Bay A & B = Students must have completed editing, or audio mixing classes (you can register for 2hour time slots)

Mixed Media Lounge = Students must have completed Logic Pro or provides a direct request to use space (you can register for 2hour time slots)

To reserve a visit time 1. Select a calendar tab, confirm availability,  then CLICK HERE   

You will not be reserved for the spot until you have received an email confirmation from a staff member.