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Take Me to the River –  Welcome to Take Me To The River, a project that celebrates the intergenerational and cross-cultural musical influence of Memphis in the face of pervasive discrimination and segregation. We offer a diverse menu of tools to help you navigate, explore, encourage critical thinking and engage in rich conversation.  The resources are suited for non-musicians and aspiring musicians alike.

The Philadelphia Orchestra is offering a wide range of performances to stream at home, including the recent concert of Beethoven’s 5th and 6th Symphonies, with Yannick Nezet-Seguin conducting.  Search for and listen to some orchestra gems here.

TUNE IN, TUNE OUT:  Brooklyn Vegan has a daily list of any and every music you may want to stream when you have those calls on mute.  Check out today’s list here:

Accordion Cool:  This is a weekly half-hour entertainment program hosted by “Coach” Dave Laprise.  He is an award winning accordionist who takes different songs and plays them on the accordion.  We seem to have a large Polka following in the northeast and they really like this program.  There are 200+ episodes and this episode receives thousands of view as well.

World Cafe Live Education – LiveConnections

Bridging the Distance” video collection of highlights from our Bridge Sessions

Highlights from “Folk Music: The People’s Music,” a LiveConnections Bridge Session –   Suggested grades 2-6  – Artists: Elena Moon Park, violin; Ami Yares, guitar and vocals; Joe Tayoun, percussion.  Themes: This session explores the diversity, themes, and spirit of folk music from a variety of cultures, including East Asia, the Middle East, and the U.S. This excerpt features “Bint el Shabaliya,” a popular Lebanese folk song. The line “Ayyam aal baal bitaaiin itrouh” translates as “But these days are tough and they go”; “tough days come and go.” Resonant for the times! The excerpt also features a fun, interactive drumming exercise with Joe Tayoun. Curricular connections: Cultural studies; how music expresses identity; lessons on rhythm.

Highlights from The “World of Percussion” a LiveConnections Bridge Session  – Suggested grades 2-8  – Artists: Alex Shaw, pandeiro & berimbau; Francois Zayas, maracas; Doc Gibbs, congas. Themes: Alex Shaw breaks down the “language” of the pandeiro, in an activity students could try at home; Francois Zayas exhibits his mad maracas skills! Curricular connections: Interactive music/rhythm lessons

LiveConnections presents Denice Frohman’s “Anniversary” a LiveConnections Bridge Session   – Suggested grades 9-12 – Award-winning spoken word poet Denice Frohman tells the story of how her grandparents met and fell in love and married. She speaks it in the voice of her grandmother, set to music by Andrew Lipke, performed by the Aizuri String Quartet. Themes: Family history, poetry, interdisciplinary connections. Curricular connections: Lessons on poetry, personal narrative, oral history, music/text intersections

Turn up the Music! a LiveConnections Bridge Session  –   Suggested grades 2-6 – We created this video as part of the album “A DAY IN MY LIFE” we made in partnership with Henry H. Houston School in 2016. This is some musical fun for anyone who needs to just shake it out a bit. It features a catchy beat, student-created lyrics, and the entire Houston student body dancing along. Choreography: Student team “Black Illusion” (Samiah Dean, Samaria Dockery, Arlon Hart, Jasmine O’Connor and Nijah Rogers-Combs, 5th grade) with artist Lela Aisha Jones
Producer: Galea McGregor Project lead artists/producers: Ezechial Thurman, Houston Music Specialist Teacher; Andrew Lipke & David Bradley, LiveConnections

Full Bridge Session – LiveConnections Bridge Session: World of Percussion  – Suggested grades 2-12  -Artists: Doc Gibbs, Alex Shaw, Francois Zayas, percussion – Theme: A tour of percussion from around the world, from West Africa to the United States. Curricular connections: Cultural studies, world music, lessons on rhythm

Full Bridge Session – LiveConnections Bridge Session: Dancing Vibrations Suggested grades 2-6 – Artists: Yumi Kendall, cello; Luigi Mazzocchi, violin; Alex Shaw, percussion, Theme: From Bach to the Jackson 5 & Black-Eyed Peas, music that cultures have danced to over the centuries. Curricular connections: Cultural studies (links music from different times/cultures), different musical genres (classical, Brazilian, world, pop/rock)

Full Bridge Session – LiveConnections Bridge Session: Rhythmic Body Bridge Session – Suggested grades 2-8 -Artists: Lela Aisha Jones, movement; Kwasi Burgee, Alex Shaw, Anssumane Silla—percussion. Theme: The intersection of movement and rhythm through polyrhythms, Brazilian capoeira, West African dance and hip-hop. Curricular connections: World cultures, lessons in rhythm, dance, hip-hop.

Full Bridge Sessions – LiveConnections Bridge Session: Rhythm Machines – Suggested grades 2-6: Artists: Angie Zator-Nelson, percussion; Lisa Vaupel, violin; Andrew Lipke, guitar and vocals. Theme: All the ways rhythm is a part of our lives, how we hear it, feel it, and create it musically.  Curricular connections: Lessons on different musical styles, lessons on rhythm

Music Resource Guide for Students – If you are a student who is looking to enroll in a music program or interested in a career as a musician, then this is the music resource guide for you. It covers a variety of resources that will help you to become a better musician and better understand the fundamentals of music theory. Learn about the many opportunities that are offered through scholarships and grants and the music organizations that are advocating for the music industry. We sprinkled some fun in as well with a list of free music games and apps that will continue your musical education in an entertaining way.


Great Music Education Apps, Games, and Websites – Ashley-Macquarrie. (2017, November 21). 12 Educational Music Games and Apps for Kids. Retrieved from
Tune Train  This iOS app teaches young children to create and edit melodies with just the swipe of a finger. By playing in the Tune Train world, kids begin to learn about the fundamental structure of music, including pitch, notes and note length, and chords. Free

Musical Me  – This fun iOS app teaches kids 3-7 some of the fundamental components of music, including notes, rhythm and pitch.

Theory Lessons  – This iOS app includes 39 animated music theory lessons. This is a great option for older kids for whom the above apps are too basic or juvenile. All the lessons are also available for free on the website as well, a good option for those without an Apple device.

Music Tutor Sight Read Lite  – This Android app offers quizzes and lessons for music students learning to sight read. A paid version offers additional features. For Apple users, Music Tutor Free offers similar functionality. Free

Piano Dust Buster – Use this iOS app with your real, acoustic piano or keyboard, or use the touchscreen option on your device. The app introduces a game component to learning piano, motivating kids to want to practice. Learn to play classical and popular songs, practice sheet music reading, and more. Free, with optional subscription and in-app purchases

Websites and Games
Music Tech Teacher  – Created by a middle school band teacher, this site offers a huge selection of online music games and quizzes as well as worksheets and lessons. Free

New York Philharmonic Kid Zone – This site from the NY Philharmonic Orchestra includes lots of fun music-themed games and quizzes, as well as interactive introductions to famous composers, conductors, and musicians. Other symphonies, including the San Francisco Symphony and Dallas Symphony Orchestra also have websites for kids with games and lessons—your own local symphony may have one too! Free

Virtual Drumming – Whether your child is already a drummer or is interested in drumming and you’re not quite ready to buy a drum kit, this site is a great resource. Play virtual drums, try a drum game, or take a lesson. Free

Classics for Kids  – Dedicated to teaching kids about classical music and music composition, this site offers music games, quizzes, lesson plans, a weekly podcast, and a “Composer of the Month” feature. Free

Music PBS Kids –  Learn about music and play games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters like Elmo, Arthur, the Cat in the Hat and Daniel Tiger!


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