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Zoos and Aquariums & Theme Parks 


Traveling Around the World: Virtual Tours and Field Trips –  A field trip can be such a nice break from your typical school day. You get to visit new places and explore all kinds of things. You get to hang out with your friends and see the world outside of your normal everyday life. Its super easy, free, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cincinnati Zoo: Check in around 3 p.m., because that’s the time the Zoo holds a daily Home Safari on its Facebook Live Feed.

Atlanta Zoo: The Georgia zoo keeps a “Panda Cam” livestream on its website.

Georgia Aquarium: Sea-dwellers like African penguins and Beluga Whales are the stars of this aquarium’s live cam.

Houston Zoo: There are plenty of different animals you can check in on with this zoo’s live cam, but we highly recommend watching the playful elephants.

The Shedd Aquarium: This Chicago aquarium shares some pretty adorable behind-the-scenes footage of their residents on Facebook.

San Diego Zoo: With what may be the most live cam options, this zoo lets you switch between koalas, polar bears, and tigers in one sitting.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: It can be Shark Week every week thanks to live online footage of Monterey Bay’s Habitat exhibit.

National Aquarium: Walk through tropical waters to the icy tundra in this floor-by-floor tour of the famous, Baltimore-based aquarium.

Philadelphia’s Zoo at 2 –  The Philadelphia Zoo also offers a weekly Facebook Live session called Philly Zoo at 2, which runs every weekday at 2 pm EST. This week kids met the zoo’s brand new baby sloth bear cub, who is quite possible the cutest fuzzy creature ever. Kids will love learning about all the wild animals that call the Philadelphia Zoo home.

Elmwood Park Zoo  –  Zoo school and animal cams

Cape May County Zoo & Park – Virtual Zoo School

Pittsburgh Zoo – Penguin Cam

I Speak for Animals:  – This program is a half-hour animal advocacy program hosted by Gary Martin.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Learn about prehistoric life under the sea and the beginnings of human life using these narrated virtual tours. This museum’s mission is to promote understanding of the natural world and our place in it.

The Hidden Worlds of National Parks – Explore these amazing National Parks in this interactive series of virtual trips to Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, and Florida. Narrated by Park Rangers, this presentation is not only full of things to see, but it’s also packed with interesting information about each place.

Ripley Aquariums – Watch the live streams to see penguins, jellyfish, tropical fish, and stingrays in action! There are also fun arts and crafts available.

The San Diego Zoo – Catch some of your favorite animals in action through the Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo in California. Learn about the animals and do some fun activities!

Great Lakes Virtual Field Trip – In this series of 3 videos, learn about Coastal Wetlands, Algae and Fish that inhabit the Great Lakes!

Butterfly World – Everyone loves butterflies! They are so beautiful! Learn about the life of a butterfly in this super fun field trip to Butterfly World in Florida.

The National Aquarium – Find the arrows and take a walk through the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. See what kinds of aquatic life you will discover and learn about.

Yellowstone National Park – This amazing park stretches across 3 states! In this virtual tour, you will walk to some of the main attractions.

Theme Parks
Walt Disney World: Set aside some time, because there’s plenty to see here. Virtual tours you can take include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, just to name a few. There are also unofficial YouTube videos that feel just like you’re on famous rides like the Frozen Ever After rideIt’s a Small WorldMonsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort: The Great Lego Race and Miniland USA are just two of the attractions you can check out in a virtual tour of the park.

SeaWorld Orlando: The virtual tour of Seaworld includes a tour of Discovery Cove and the option to”ride” the steel roller coaster Mako


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