The Importance of Framing Your School’s Goals and Priorities for Partners

Your role as a partnerships coordinator puts you in the best position to help your school and its partners build a shared vision for their work together.

Until your school and its partners are clear on shared goals, school-based partnerships can’t reach their full potential.  And before a conversation about shared goals can happen between your school and a partner, the school needs to be clear on its priorities for the school year and beyond.

The flowchart on the right is a quick overview of some basic first steps you can take to develop a document that summarizes your school’s goals and priorities. (Click photo to enlarge)

This module offers some ideas on how to get started on gathering information to help you think through what your school’s goals are and how the work of your partners can help you accomplish those goals.  One of the end products of this process can be a document that summarizes relevant information about your school, as well as the goals/priorities that you land on through discussions with your principal.  Two templates for these school summaries are available at the bottom of this page.

School leaders put a lot of thought into setting their goals, and your work as a partnerships coordinator can support this by helping to determine how partners can help accomplish this work. While partners may not be able to address each and every one of your school’s goals, there are often creative ways that partners can adapt their work to align with the goals of the school and echo the expectations and messages of other school staff, like teachers.

Each school is different and you may want to approach this work in your own way.  Your school may have had a partnerships coordinator for years, or this may be the first year. This is just a starting place to give you some ideas on where to begin in developing an understanding of your school’s goals and how the work of partners can align with them.  As always, coordinating with your principal will be important throughout this process.