General Questions

How do I contact the District Performance Office?

You can contact us at 215-400-4070, or at districtperformance@philasd.org. You can also send us a message on our Contact page.

How do I learn more about the District Performance Office?

Please visit our Mission and Vision page to learn more about what drives our work. You can also learn more about what we do on our Programs/Services page.

I am interested in working in the District Performance Office. What positions are available?

Please visit the Central Office Jobs Postings page to see if we are hiring.

Where can I find data for the School District of Philadelphia or my school?

School and District enrollment and select performance data are available on our interactive School Profiles page. You can also visit the School Progress Reports on Education and Equity page to view annual performance reports for individual schools, as well as our District Scorecard that displays yearly progress of the District as a whole.

How do I learn more about the School Progress Report on Education and Equity?

For an general information, please visit our School Progress Reports on Education and Equity page. Here you will find an overview, as well as our Helpful Resources and FAQs. You can find reports by school year on our Available SPREE Reports page.

Where can I find information on Charter Schools?

Charter Schools are included in our School Profiles. There you can find a link to Charter Authorizing information on the General Information tab. We also include Charter Schools in our School Progress Reports on Education and Equity. For additional information, please visit the Charter Schools Office website.

How can I receive data that is not listed in School Profiles or the SPREE?

For additional data, please visit our Open Data page. There you will find data at the District and School level that is made available to the public.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in Open Data? Learn about requesting data on our Data Requests page.

Where can I learn more about QlikBAM?

If you are currently employed by the School District of Philadelphia, please visit our QlikBAM Dashboards page to learn more about QlikBAM, the District’s new interactive tool for viewing data.