AEPR Helpful Resources

User Guide

AEPR User Guide for each available school year

AEPR User GuideSY 2016-2017SY 2017-2018
User Guide2016-20172017-2018

Raw Data

Download Zip files containing AEPR Raw Data

Raw DataSY 2016-2017SY 2017-2018
AEPR Raw Data2016-20172017-2018

Report Batches

Full and Abbreviated (cover pages only) AEPR reports batched by program type

Program TypeFull Batch
SY 2016-2017
Full Batch
SY 2017-2018
Abbreviated Batch
SY 2016-2017
Abbreviated Batch
SY 2017-2018
ContinuationNot Applicable2017-2018Not Applicable2017-2018
Dual Enrollment2016-20172017-20182016-20172017-2018

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