FY23 Cut-Off Memo

Please take note of the deadlines listed below for the Fiscal Year (FY) ending June 30, 2023.
These dates are not flexible due to the cross over to the next fiscal year and may require you
to use your FY 2024 budget if not timely processed. The dates have been moved later to allow
the maximum allowable time for processing before the close of the fiscal year.
If you are concerned that you may not be able to meet a deadline, please reach out in advance
to the support office listed in the chart below.

FY 2023 DeadlineItem Due for Fiscal Year 2023 Cut-offContact for Assistance
3/30/2023Final Action Items for FY 2023 contracts
for the May 25 Board Meeting due in
Sponsoring Executive Queue
Note: For FY 2023 purchases of
goods and services, which are to be
paid on or before June 30, 2023.
Board Office -
Office of General Counsel (OGC) -
4/17/2023Office of General Counsel (OGC) must be
notified of contract need and contract started
in the ERP System Contracts Module.
Provide all required information for FY 2023
contracts to OGC.
General Questions -
Specific questions should be directed to
your assigned attorney. See Attorney
Assignments for Contract Administrators
5/10/2023Submit all needed FY 2023 budget transfer
requests (Non-grant only).
Operating Budget Analyst
5/26/2023Exception to Policy Process for FY 2023
LCA’s/Contracts that are not complete in
Oracle but suppliers need to be paid for goods
or services provided on or before June 30,
Finance - Marcy Blender
5/26/2023All new requisitions (RQs) for goods purchases
outside of an active Oracle contract should be
entered, fully approved and have a
corresponding purchase order (PUR) in the
ERP System. Change orders to any existing
requisition should be entered by this date.
This includes orders for Office Depot,
School Specialty and all other punchout
Information Technology
Grants Compliance Monitor (GCM)
Procurement -
Purchasing Office Hours for live
Accounting Compliance and Control
Monitor (ACCM)
5/31/2023Ensure all FY 2023 Contracts and LCAs are
complete and signed unless an exception to
policy has been obtained.
OGC - contracting@philasd.org
LCA Committee – Tracy Horger
Schools LCA’s - Brian Wilson
6/2/2023Final deadline to submit an Inventory Catalog
Requisition for inventory items in the
Facilities Management -
6/2/2023All requisitions (RQs), purchase orders (PURs),
and change orders for goods and services
under an active Oracle contract to be rendered
in FY 2023 should be fully approved in the ERP
system. Note: For No Lines Agreements, the
fulfillment line must be generated, an
agreement created, and a requisition
submitted and approved. For LCA’s, this
means the PUR has been fully approved
through procurement, and is Open and
Active in the system.
Procurement -
Purchasing Office Hours for live
6/9/2023Submit FY 2023 signed annual computer and
physical inventory reports. (Separate guidance
will be issued)
Education Technology for computer
inventory -
Accounting Services for all other

6/14/2023Reduce all FY 2023 open purchase orders
to whatever you expect to receive before
June 30 via a change order. Purchase
orders must be fully received before June
30. If goods/services equaling the full
dollar amount of the purchase order will
not be received before the end of the fiscal
year, it must be reduced to whatever will
be fully received before June 30.
Procurement -
Purchasing Office Hours for live
6/14/2023Submit final travel and life skill
Accounts Payable
6/14/2023Submit signed Student Activity Funds
Bank Reconciliation as of 5/31/2023
accountinghelp@philasd.org, ACCM
6/14/2023Enter all receipts for FY 2023 purchase
orders (PURs) -- for goods and services,
including Office Depot, print shop,
transportation and use of facilities -- using the
actual date of delivery.
Note: any goods or services received
between June 15 and June 30 should be
entered immediately upon receipt.
Program Office
6/23/2023Ensure all FY 2023 invoices are provided by
suppliers for services/goods received. Note:
Invoices are sent by the supplier directly to
the SDP P.O. Box or Supplier Portal.
If using the Accounts Payable template,
invoices can be dropped off in the Accounts
Payable department (440 N Broad, 3rd floor,
portal D)
Accounts Payable -
Program Office
6/23/2023Final day to submit Printing Services Request
Form to the Print Shop for goods charged to FY
Note: Goods must be delivered and received
by June 30th. Any goods or services received
by Print Shop between June 23 and June 30
should be entered immediately upon receipt.
Print Shop -LaKiesha Stevens
6/23/2023Any Incomplete or Pending Approval
requisitions, purchase orders, and change
orders will be canceled by Procurement after
this date. Cancel any in-progress items or
ensure they are approved before End-of-Day
on June 24.
Program Office
Procurement -
7/7/2023Submit signed Student Activity Funds Bank
Reconciliation as of 6/30/2023 (Note: Without
this, no checks can be written for July 2023)
accountinghelp@philasd.org, ACCM