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PSTV is dedicated to providing youth equitable access to multimedia tools, digital and media literacy training, and industry experience.
PSTV is the education channel for The School District of Philadelphia (SDP), and is open to ALL enrolled students in a K-12 who have a current school-issued ID, including public, charter, private and parochial schools. PSTV broadcasts youth-driven programming created by and for students that benefit them and their communities, 24 hours a day.

In our industry-standard state-of-the-art multimedia production studio we provide media tools for students of all ages to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment.

PSTV’s approach to media and digital literacy provides students, educators, and parents the opportunity to work together, using critical thinking skills while creating media that enables constructive social awareness and responsibility.

PSTV leads the charge with democratizing access to industry-standard multidimensional media arts training platforms that support all forms of learning from individualized, school-based, community-based, and traditional.

We recognize the importance of how the arts universally builds community and is taking the opportunity to establish ideas, platforms, and tools that will continue to enhance student arts engagement, communities, and experiences that provide them agency so they are prepared for a world of technology and innovation.

Plus, students will have opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, and further education.