Industry Mentors

Industry Mentors in our Sponsor-A-Student (SAS) program are supportive industry professionals who serve as role models and advocates to students interested in the Multimedia Field

Seeking a Mentorship – Are you a student seeking mentorship in a specific area of multimedia. Let us know.

Roles of a PSTV Mentor
A mentor opens doors to social, cultural, industry and educational experiences, and provides professional networks for a student. Each mentor is matched with an individual SAS student and is asked to commit to that student for a set period of time to be determined by need. Provide one on one support to students as they navigate their high school years into a professional media world or as an entrepreneur.

Mentors: Active professionals—employed or retired—in the field of graphic design, communications, advertising, visual arts, digital or interactive media, or related areas with a minimum of five years of professional experience

Mentees: Students of high school. Students interested in expanding the multimedia skillsets and to be supported through exploring media careers.

Benefits of Mentorship
Mentors are an integral part of our students’ success and many of those relationships last a lifetime. SAS mentors support their students through all life experiences. Some have helped introduce students to their future careers. Some have introduced them to other fields in their main field of interest.  All have found ways to enrich students’ lives and keep them on a path of their passion.

Mentor Responsibilities
Mentors communicate with their students during the time designated per agreement. They listen, guide, and inspire.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

Communicating with the PSTV Staff
Participating in activities and events
Attending mentor training and roundtable sessions
Providing exposure to professional work environments, networking, or opportunities

Checks & Clearances
To ensure the safety of our students, state law requires that all prospective mentors participate in a state-certified child abuse and criminal record check, and an FBI fingerprint-based background check if you have not lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the last ten years. Mentors are not matched with students until certifications are received.

In order to work with our students all clearance certificates must be current and in place. Below are the two links that will allow you to acquire your certifications:

1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check
2. PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance

3.FBI Background check or Volunteer Affirmation

If you are already in possession of clearances, providing copies is certainly acceptable. Certifications must accompany all volunteer applications.

Application Process
If you or someone you know would like to become a mentor, please complete this online mentor application.

Other Ways to Get Involved
We invite you to explore the many other ways you can get involved with PSTV.