QlikBAM Dashboards

Qlik (pronounced “click”) is the School District of Philadelphia’s new Business Intelligence (BI) dashboarding software.

Qlik Benchmarking, Analytics & Management (QlikBAM) is a suite of interactive dashboards that allow School and District Leaders to track progress at the School, Network, and District levels. Although QlikBAM is an internal resource, several of the dashboards are available to the public on our School Profiles.

The primary uses of QlikBAM include:

  • Performance management
  • Progress monitoring
  • Trend analyses

The District Performance Office is currently focused on student data dashboards aligned with the District’s Anchor Goals 1 and 2. Current internal dashboards include:

  • Average Growth Index  (AGI)
  • Benchmarks
  • Climate Matters (Attendance, Suspensions, and Serious Incidents)
  • Course Marks & Credits
  • District-wide Surveys
  • Enrollment- Oct 1 Snapshots
  • PSSA & Keystone
  • Reading Levels
  • School Progress Report on Education and Equity (SPREE)

Future phases will include additional student data and expand to other divisions of data.

If you have any questions, please contact us at performancedashboard@philasd.org