CTE Communications Schools

The Communications Cluster is comprised of programs that focus on careers in the Communications industry.

These programs prepare students to pursue full-time employment in the communications industry, or post-secondary communications-related education after graduation.

Students enrolled in programs within the Communications Cluster can participate in many activities and experiences that relate to a variety of career goals outside of the classroom, such as film festivals and design competitions. Connections to professionals and employers in the industry give students the opportunity to take part in trips to local businesses, tours of local industry-related events and mock job interviews. In addition, students can participate in internships with employers throughout Philadelphia during their junior and senior years. Students enrolled in programs within the Communications Cluster can earn Adobe Certified Associate certifications in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere.

The Communications Cluster consists of 3 career tracks for students to choose from: Cinematography, Film & Video Production (Television and Video Production), Commercial & Advertising Art (Graphic Design) and Communications Technology (Multimedia). These programs include three years of instruction that begin in the tenth grade.

Digital Media Production:

Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)


West Philadelphia

Film & Video Production:




Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)


Science Leadership Academy

Graphic Design:


Kensington CAPA


South Philadelphia