Voluntary Coaching Requests

The Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program is a voluntary program for teachers who feel they will benefit from peer coaching.


Voluntary PAR Participation Criteria

Any appointed teacher who believes that his or her teaching competence may benefit from coaching support may request participation by submitting the PAR Request for Support form. The PAR Panel will review requests for help from individual teachers. The Panel will promptly notify the teacher of the determination of whether assistance will be provided. Such communication will be kept completely confidential. No voluntary participation can be initiated after January 15th of any school year.

Voluntary PAR Participation Process

The Consulting Teacher shall develop a plan to assist a Participating Teacher tailored to the specific needs of that teacher and will work with the teacher directly for not more than one year. The Consulting Teacher will also observe Participating Teachers and prepare a status report documenting their observations.

Teachers receiving voluntary support are still subject to the regular rating cycle. The PAR Panel does not make a recommendation for a teacher receiving voluntary support.

Please find the Voluntary Request Guide here.

Please find the request form for voluntary support here.