Mission Statement

We believe in the sustained empowerment of teacher leaders through ongoing development and strategic support – the impact of which strengthens teachers’ instructional capacity and propels student achievement forward across all educational communities.

– Office of Teaching and Learning, Teacher Leadership Team

The Office of Teaching & Learning believes that teacher leaders are essential in supporting schools in achieving positive academic and social outcomes for students.  Advancing teacher leadership increases capacity at the school level as one of the most important units of change.  The ongoing support and development of teacher leaders are directly connected to their effectiveness, satisfaction, and the overall achievement of our 7,000+ teachers and 128,000+ students in the School District of Philadelphia. 

The Office of Teaching & Learning is dedicated to supporting the 400+ teacher leaders in the District by offering opportunities for support, development, collaboration, and networking.  All development opportunities are aligned to the District’s teacher leadership competencies. The Office of Teaching & Learning began intentionally supporting teacher leaders across the District in the 2018-2019 school year.  As support often increases, please check back often for new and exciting updates!

For questions or inquiries please contact the Director of Teacher Leadership, Dr. Amy Summa (asumma@philasd.org).