Tune-Up Tuesday

Tune Up Tuesday is a series of engaging and interactive professional development opportunities that empower teachers, promote collaboration, and provide teachers with a variety of next-day strategies to help them tune up their craft!

Program Overview

Tune Up Tuesdays are professional development opportunities open to all PreK to 12th-grade teachers. Tune Up Tuesday takes place twice a month at two different locations in order to provide accessibility to all teachers throughout the district. Each month, teachers are provided with a menu of options, allowing them to self-select into the session that is most relevant to their growth. The content of each session is grounded in research and student-impact and remains the same at each location where ten simultaneous sessions with space for twenty-five educators in each run. The majority of time in each session is spent on practice and application of a targeted skill or strategy in order to ensure that teachers leave confident in their abilities to implement what they have learned within the next week.

2019-2020 Session Dates & Locations:

Lincoln High School: 3101 Ryan Avenue Sayre High School: 5800 Walnut Street
September 10 September 24
October 15 October 29
November 19 November 26
December 10 ———
January 14 January 28
February 11 February 25
March 17 March 31
April 14 ———-
*All sessions run from 4:30-6:30pm

2019-20 Partner Offices & Featured Topics

Tune Up Tuesdays are offered thanks to partnerships between the Office of Teaching and Learning and the following district offices:

This year, Tune Up Tuesday’s featured topics will include:

  • Classroom climate and culture
  • Technology Integration using Google Apps for Education (G Suite), Chrome Apps, and SMART Notebook
  • Instructional content and practices (math, literacy, science, social studies, and arts and music education)
  • Family and community engagement

Participation & Compensation:

Tune Up Tuesday is advertised on Cornerstone, the Teacher Information Board, and through teacher e-mail distribution lists. Principals also recommend teachers whom they believe would benefit from session content. Prior to each event, participants should search and register for a Tune Up Tuesday session on the PD Calendar in Cornerstone. Participants should bring a fully-charged laptop and any relevant planning materials to each session and should be ready to practice and to apply the new content and be open to feedback from colleagues and facilitators.

While participants in all roles that support our students are welcome at Tune Up Tuesday, payment and Act 48 credit will be awarded solely to participants categorized as Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers within the district. Employees classified as “other than teacher” cannot be paid.  Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers will receive two Act 48 credits and payment at the contractual hourly PD rate for each session they attend. Counselors will also receive two Act 48 credits but cannot be paid. Payment takes six-to-eight weeks (three-to-four pay cycles) for processing. Paychecks will include the pay code “TUT” in order to help teachers to identify Tune Up Tuesday compensation.

For additional questions regarding Tune Up Tuesday, please contact professionaldevelopment@philasd.org.