National Board Certified Teachers

National Board of Professional Teaching Standards

The School District shall reimburse classroom teachers up to twenty-five hundred dollar ($2,500) for application fees and expenses incurred in applying for National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification.  The classroom teachers shall only be eligible for reimbursement for fees and expenses involved in applying for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification after receiving certification.

During the initial application process for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification, the School District shall provide up to one (1) day of substitute service for a classroom teacher within thirty (30) days before their portfolios are due.  The teacher must request the day of substitute service at least two (2) days in advance.

All teachers who receive certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards shall be given an annual bonus of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) for the length of their certification.

During the period of their certification, a National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certified teacher may be requested to assist or mentor another teacher, including but not limited to the following, by leading professional development, establishing a model classroom, or assisting a teacher in applying for National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification.

(This information can also be found in the PFT Bargaining Agreement.)

Important Updates!

  • The ePortfolio submission window will open on April 1 as planned and has been extended to June 12, 2020.
  • COVID-19 Dedication Page
  • The National Board will host a webinar specifically for first time and Renewal candidates that will be delivered by expert candidate support providers. Free registration required — or watch on Facebook Live. All replay materials will also be published here. We encourage you to share this information with colleagues — even if they are not engaged in the National Board process.

Are you in the application process to be a National Board Certified Teacher?

Where can people go for updated information?

Official updates from the National Board will be communicated via email and on our website’s Newsroom, Facebook and Twitter social media channels and on our dedicated COVID-19 update page.

Is National Board looking into accommodations for candidates or changes to deadlines?

The National Board remains committed to providing you with updated information about the plans we are making to respond to the impact COVID-19 may be having on your candidate journey.
We know there are a lot of questions about the process and deadlines, and that the situations are rapidly changing and look different in different parts of the country.
We are currently developing a comprehensive plan and will keep you informed throughout that process. Our planning is aiming to ensure equitable opportunities for all teachers pursuing Board certification and Renewal.
On March 23, National Board will issue another update.
In the meantime, you can use one of the other support channels if you have questions about your candidacy (see below).

Where can I direct candidates who have questions about their Component One testing (e.g., scheduled date, testing center) or about any other aspects of their candidacy?

If you have questions about Component One testing, please go to the VUE customer support page  which includes information about how the COVID-19 risk is being addressed at testing sites generally and in your area.
All other questions should be addressed to NB customer support via the webform here or call us at 1-800-22-TEACH. As a reminder, official decisions by the National Board regarding COVID-19 will be shared via email and also on our website’s Newsroom, Facebook and Twitter social media channels.