Office of Teaching and Learning’s Coaching Program

Coaching is an individualized support that includes conferencing, modeling, co-teaching, co-planning, data collection, and real-time feedback in the classroom. Central Office based coaches are assigned a caseload of teachers in schools across the district with consideration given to grade level, when possible. In this peer coaching model, all coaches serve in a purely non-evaluative role and the relationship between coach and teacher is confidential.. Coaches develop bite-sized action steps following each visit which are aligned to overarching outcome goals, determined in partnership with the teacher.

The Office of Teaching and Learning provides coaching services to the majority of newly hired teachers along with teachers whose effectiveness rating indicates a need for support. Additionally, any teacher who feels the need to freshen skills can voluntarily request a coach up until January 15 of any school year.

The coach will develop a plan to help the requesting teacher work on specific needs.

Our office provides coaching for newly hired teachers and any teacher who feels a need for more support.