Performance Improvement Plans

In accordance with Act 82, any teacher earning a Needs Improvement or Failing rating will be required to complete a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) the following rating period.  Although all teachers earning a Needs Improvement rating will be completing a PIP, there will be two different types of PIP documents being used.


Self-Directed Performance Improvement Plan:

Teachers earning a Needs Improvement rating while also earning a Proficient and/or Distinguished observation score will complete a self-directed PIP. Since the observation scores are Proficient and/or Distinguished, the teacher is encouraged to outline goals aimed at SLO/SPP/PVAAS data. The self-directed PIP is done in collaboration with the teacher and school principal.

Please find an exemplar of a Self-Directed PIP plan here.

Access to the Self-Directed PIP template can be found here.

Teacher Coach Supported Performance Improvement Plan:

Teachers earning a Needs Improvement or Failing rating while also earning a Needs Improvement and/or Failing observation score will be assigned a Teacher Coach from the Office of Teaching & Learning. The Teacher Coach will collect data and collaborate with the teacher and principal in order to implement PIP goals. Although the Teacher Coach will be responsible for completing the PIP, both teachers and principals should be identifying goals within the PIP as well.

Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked PIP questions. For further information, view the FAQ on the Pennsylvania Bulletin website:

What are the requirements of a PIP?

·       Is designed with the teacher’s input

·       Addresses the areas of concern

·       Makes recommendations for specific professional development

·       Identifies the types of data (evidence) that will be collected to determine improvement

·       Provides an observation and support schedule

·       Explains how intensive supervision will be provided

Can a teacher refuse the support of a PIP?

No. Teachers who meet the requirements (Failing or Needs Improvement Effectiveness Rating) cannot refuse the support of a PIP.

For how long is a PIP implemented?

PIP is implemented for one rating period. For TPEs this is equivalent to 5 months. For Professional Employees, this is equivalent to 10 months.

What are the observation requirements for a teacher on a PIP?

The teacher’s rating officer completes the amount of formal observations necessitated by that teacher’s PGS status.

What if a teacher in a PDP year meets the requirements for a PIP?

The PIP replaces the Professional Development Plan. The teacher is treated as a satisfactory teacher in his/her formal observation year. The teacher will receive two formal observations within the 10-month rating period (one formal observation in the fall and one in the spring at the conclusion of the PIP.)

What if a teacher is rated Unsatisfactory?

Teachers who are rated unsatisfactory will still remain in the PAR program. Their Consulting Teacher will work with them on a Performance Improvement Plan.