The Office of Teaching and Learning provides support for K-12 School-Based Teacher Leaders (SBTLs) across the District.   SBTLs receive support through leadership and content development, peer site visits, and individualized coaching.

Professional Development

All SBTLs are required to attend a K-12 leadership session each month. SBTLs will also be able to select into grade-band specific content sessions that best reflect their role.  All SBTL PD will assume a “mix-and-match” or “choose your own adventure” format to meet the needs of each teacher-leader and school.  The change to the SBTL PD format is in response to feedback received from multiple stakeholder groups, the newly implemented PL Cycles, and an increased number of teacher-leaders across the District.

K-12 SBTL Leadership Professional Development

Required sessions are not delineated by grade band but are designed for all K-12 SBTLs to attend together. SBTLs will choose one 2-hr session a month to attend. Each monthly PD will be offered six times over the course of three days to ensure SBTLs can select a date/time that works best for their schedule.  For each date listed, two sessions will be offered (9am-11am and 12pm-2pm). SBTLs will select one session on one day to attend each month.

Content-Specific Professional Development

These sessions are designed for specific grade bands.  Approximately every four weeks SBTLs will attend the content session(s) that align with their role and responsibilities. Please note: Some sessions are offered multiple times each month due to the large numbers of teacher-leaders. SBTLs are encouraged to attend all content sessions for their respective grade bands in order to make cross-curricular connections.

Click HERE for dates and times of content-specific professional development.