What to Expect

The Office of Teaching and Learning provides coaching services to the majority of newly hired teachers along with teachers whose effectiveness rating indicates a need for support. Additionally, any teacher who feels the need to freshen skills can voluntarily request a coach up until January 15 of any school year.

The coach will develop a plan to help the requesting teacher work on specific needs.


Coaches provide principals a monthly report indicating frequency of visits with each teacher and areas of focus within the Danielson Framework. In addition to this formal report, coaches are expected to engage in ongoing communication at the school level to monitor and support teacher growth.

Following every visit, coaches share a site visit form with the teacher. This tool summarizes the coaching interaction from that day, communicates action steps, areas of growth and strengths to leverage. This site visit form is shared electronically with the teacher and may also be supplemented with additional resources.


While the coaching relationship is confidential, coaches do engage with a variety of school-based stakeholders to support development of teachers on their caseload. They meet with building level leaders to get feedback on progress and areas of focus, to design Performance Improvement Plans, to seek resources and to learn about school-wide expectations.

Coaches will also collaborate with one another for co-visits to get another perspective or to gather resources for a specific content area. Partnerships are also established among colleagues within Central Office who may be better positioned to provide specific types of support to a teacher.