How do I Request a Personnel File?

All requests must be submitted in writing.

Using our Request Form or a letter include the following information:

o Employee signature

o Employee ID# (EIDN) or Full Social Security Number

o Valid Photo Identification

o Current Contact Information (address & working phone number)

Request forms can be found online and outside of the Employee Records office

Be sure to attach any additional documentation or forms to your completed request form.

Include a Money Order if required.

Please fax your request to 215-400-4781, mail or hand deliver to Employee Records, or email

All requests must contain the information outlined above. Requests without all required information will be returned.

NOTE: We are a confidential office. We are in a secured room with limited authorized access. A Fax comes directly to our office, and will be removed by a representative of the records office. Be sure to use our specific office fax number 215-400-4781.

How will my request be sent to me?

Completed requests may be returned via Mail, Fax, Electronic, or Pick up.

Mail delivery – Please allow time for delivery of your request. We cannot control the time it takes for the mailroom to process and the post office to deliver.

Fax – Most expedient. However, depending on the request it may need to be sent directly to the location requiring the information. An example would be a government assistant office, such as CCIS or Welfare. We fax directly to the office handling the claim. Mortgages and verifications are also typically faxed to the requesting offices.

Electronic- Dependent on the request type, we cannot send electronically due to security reasons. Example- Mortgages are typically sent via fax rather than electronic due the confidential information contained on the document. Prior Experience and verification letters are typically mailed or faxed to avoid possible tapering.

Pick up – If applicable, you can request to pick up your document. We will call you when it has been completed. You can have someone pick up for you if you pre-authorize specifically who, and they show us identification.

Specific requirements are listed under the type of request. Check the request type if you are not sure how it will be delivered.

Also, be aware some requests indicate where to send the document. Example: Some Prior Experience Forms dictate that the completed forms be sent directly to the institution, not the employee. We will follow the form instructions.