What should I know about Employment Verifications?

What kinds of Employment Verifications are there?

Employment verifications can be verbal or written, depending on what is requested.

Verbal Verification

  • Can be done over the phone.
  • Only require an employees name and full Social Security Number.
  • We will provide only the employees position title, start date and end date (or current).
  • We will not provide any salary information, job location, or personal information.

Written Verification

  • Can not be done over the phone.
  • Must be a written request, with Name, Full SSN or EIDN, and Authorized Employee Signature.
  • Employees requesting verification must include a photo ID.
  • Written verifications can include salary information also.

Employment Verification Types

Click here to see the various Employment Verification Types and specific information.

 What is the turnaround time for Employment Verifications?

  • Once a written request is received with all required information, we will log your request in.
  • All requests are completed based on order received, and priority of the request.
  • We strive to complete most requests within 5 business days.
  • Please note that a higher number of these requests come to us at the end of the school year, which may result in a delay of processing time.
  • Please note that older files may take longer to process, as they may need to be transferred from our off-site archival facility.
  • We will process these requests in the order received.

How will my completed request be returned?

  • Completed requests are returned via Mail, Fax, Electronic, or Pick up.
  • You typically can choose from these options in most cases.  However, in some cases, there are specific requirements for that type of request indicating how and to who it is to be returned.
    • For example: Some Prior Experience Forms dictate that the completed forms be sent directly to the institution, not the employee.
    • We will complete as the form instructs.

Mail delivery – Please allow time for delivery of your request. We cannot control the time it takes for the mailroom to process and the post office to deliver your documents.

Fax – This is the option with the fastest turnaround time. Just note, sometimes the request has to be sent directly to a specific recipient, rather than you, the person requesting it. Some examples would be government assistant offices, like CCIS or Welfare,  mortgages or other verification offices. In these cases, we are required to fax directly to the office handling the claim, but it is still the fastest turnaround.

Electronic– This is often the most convenient option for sending documents. However, depending on the type of request you’re making, we may not be able to send the documents electronically due to security reasons. Example- mortgages are typically sent via fax rather than electronic methods, due the confidential information contained in the document.

Pick up – If applicable, you can request to pick up your document in person. Someone from our office will call you when it has been completed. You can also have someone pick up your document for you, but you must pre-authorize that person and they will be required to show identification when they arrive.

Verifications we do not complete

  • Loan Forgiveness and PDE 338V Forms go to Certification for completion. You can email them your request compliance@philasd.org.
  • Copies of your Paystubs or W-2s can be obtained by contacting payroll payrollhelp@philasd.org if you are a former employee. If you are a current employee they can be obtained online.
  • Address changes can also be done online or by contacting payroll.
  • Any student record inquiries should be sent to recordsrequest@philasd.org.

If your information is incorrect in Advantage or you have a concern about your assigned location, please contact Staffing@philasd.org. We cannot change data in Advantage, we only verify the data in the system.