Submit an Employment Verification

How do I submit a specific Employment Verification?

Look below for the specific type of Employment Verification that you need.

Verbal Verification –

  • Call 215-400-4600 #7.
  • Have the employee’s full Social Security Number (SSN) or Employee ID Number (EIDN) ready.
  • We will provide only the employees position title, start/end dates.
  • We will not provide any salary information, job location, or personal information.

All verification’s listed below are written requests and can be submitted by the following options:

  • Fax to 215-400-4781
  • Email
  • Hand deliver or Mail to Employee Records, 440 N Broad St, Room 177,  Phila. PA 19130 .
  • All requests must contain the information as indicated. Requests without required information will be returned.

NOTE: We are a confidential office.  We are in a secured room with limited authorized access.  The fax comes directly to our office, and will be removed by a representative of the records office.

Mortgages/Loans, Housing –

  • These verifications are typically faxed to us from the Lender.
  • We must have a full SSN or EIDN, authorized signature of the employee.
  • We will fax (or mail) the completed document back to the Lender.
  • We try to return a completed form within 24-48 business hours.

Child Care  CCIS –

  • The employee must complete the top section of the CCIS form with Name, Signature and Date ONLY!
  • Complete a Records Request form also, indicate what hours you typically work, 10-1, 8-3, etc.
  • We must have a full SSN or EIDN.
  • Indicate which office to fax the form to (North, South, etc).  We will send directly to them.  The form does not go back to the employee.
  • If you are starting or returning from illness leave, please indicate those dates on the Request Form.  We will confirm dates with Health Services.
  • Indicate if the form is for time other than the submission date.  Specifically indicate if it is needed for summer school, or the following September.
  • CCIS will only accept forms completed by our office with our stamp.  Do not give to your supervisor, secretary or principal for completion, it will only delay your benefits being approved.
  • CCIS Offices can submit forms directly to us also.  We must have the employee authorization and SSN or EIDN.

Public Assistance, Utilities –

  • When requesting a letter for assistance, please indicate why you are requesting the letter.  Different offices require different information on the letter.  The more we know about what you need the better chance we will have the proper information on the letter.  This will insure that you get the documentation you need and we will only need to provide a letter once.

10 Month Letters –

  • If you are not paid July and August and will not work a summer program, we can provide a letter stating that you will not receive income for that time.  It will include the last day worked and your return date when school opens.
  • Do not request a 10 month letter if you receive reserve pay through the summer or if you are going to work a summer program.  You will not receive a letter and it will delay us from completing a letter for someone who will not have income and needs the letter.
  • 10 month letters are accepted for starting June 1.  However, we will not issue them until the first week of July or earlier if we can.  We must wait for the summer program work lists.
  • All letters will be mailed as soon as they are ready. The only exception is if you indicated to fax to a Public Assistance Office.
  • Requests can be submitted between June 1 and Sept 30.  We receive hundreds of requests for letters, please understand there may be a delay once we can generate letters due to the large volume all at once.  However, we do understand the urgency for the letters, and we will get them out as soon as we can.
  • To speed the process, when submitting your request be sure to include your name, address, SSN or EIDN, and your position.

Disability, Insurance and Accident Claims –

  • If you are out on sick leave we can complete the forms needed for Accident, Insurance or Disability claims.
  • We will provide the days absent for the employee and salary during that time.
  • We can not indicate specifically why you were out on leave, (except for Pregnancy), we can only show that you were not working.
  • We will send the information directly to the provider.

Social Security and IRS –

  • Often an employee will receive large checks for pay out after retiring for days not used.  Social Security or IRS may need verification of those payments.  They need to see that it is not for earned income.  We can generate a letter explaining the income.
  • If you deducted expenses on your IRS filings, or need specific information regarding your salary deductions, we cannot assist you with a letter indicating what you are not reimbursed for those deductions.  For salary deductions you can contact Payroll.

Immigration –

  • Letters for Immigration do have a specific format.  Be sure to request an “Immigration” letter if that is what you need.
  • These letters contain your annual salary and position.

Family Court –

  • We often complete forms sent to us from the court system, or you may need a letter for the courts to show a recent change of income.
  • Be specific in what you need to show to the courts.

Employment verification –

  • Basic verification letters will indicate your start/end date, and title of current position only.
  • Verification letters with salary will include your start/end date, title of current position, and salary.
  • If you need a letter for a specific reason be sure to tell us so that we can provide the correct documentation.

ACT 126 Forms –

  • These forms are completed within 20 days and returned to the employer directly.

Buy Back and Tenure or Prior Experience Research for Teachers –

  • Tenure letters may be requested for teachers who have been employed for 3 full consecutive school years.  To achieve tenure you must have been certified and have no unsatisfactory documents in your file.
  • Buy Back  (out of PA state) and Prior Experience typically require research on our part.  It is always helpful if you indicate what years you worked for the district.  The further back, the more research we will need to do.  Please allow extra time for research, delays could be a week or two.
  • If your request is for earnings prior to 1970, we can not provide that data as it is too old for our records.  You will need to contact Social Security Administration.
  • Prior Experience forms will be completed and returned as indicated on the form.  If it is to be returned to you in a sealed envelope, you cannot open it when you receive it.

Retirement –

  • Forms with a PSERS logo at the top need to be submitted to the Retirement Office.  We cannot complete PSERS forms.

Railroad Retirement Board –

  • Railroad Retirement Board Forms are not completed by our office.  Please forward those forms to the Benefits Office.