What will I find in a Personnel File?

Personnel files may contain any of the following documents as applicable:

Please note, we only have documents that are sent to us from various departments. If a department has not forwarded the documentation, you will need to contact that office.

Academic Transcripts

Act 126 Certificate

Address Change


Code of Ethics Acknowledgment Form

Child Abuse Clearance


Criminal Record Check

Deductions or Withholding of Pay

Discipline Documents

Employment Application

Employment Contract (Temp or Prof)

Examinations and Test Scores

FBI Check

I-9 Forms and Documentation

Job Title, Dates of Change

Leave Records (Sabbatical, FMLA etc.)

Letters: Retirement/Termination/Resignation

New Employee Information Sheet

Offer Letter

Praxis (Teachers Only)

Professional Development

Restoration or Return to Service

Resume and References

Site Selection Form

W-4 Form

Workers Compensation Form