Employee Files

Personnel Files & Subpoena Requests

Who can request a file?

Current Employees – May submit a written request for a copy of their personnel file once per school year at no cost to the employee.

Former Employees May submit a written request for a copy of their personnel file for a $7.50 money order processing fee.

Subpoena/Third Party Requests – Employee files are available for third party requests for a $25.00 processing/handling charge. An authorized employee signature is required.

Click here for more information on  Personnel Files, Requesting files, File Content, Adding/Removing documents

What is contained in a file?

Personnel files may contain various documents from New Hire documents up to and including Retirement documents.

For a more comprehensive list of documents that may be found in a Personnel File click here.

How do I request a file?

All requests must be submitted in writing with all required information

Requests can be faxed to 215-400-4781, mailed to Employee Records, hand delivered or emailed employeerecords@philasd.org.

For specific details on requesting a file and what is required, click here.

How will I receive the file?

Completed requests are returned via Mail, Fax, Electronic, or Pick up, depending on the file size.  Typically files are mailed or picked up at our office.  Click here for more details on how to receive a file.

How long will it take to receive the file?

Written requests with all required information are completed based on order received and priority of the request.

Subpoenas are processed within 1-3 days, all other requests are typically completed within 5-8 business days.  Please note that a higher number of requests come to us at the end of the school year, which may result in a delay of processing time. We will process requests in the order received.

Can I get Medical Records?

We only have medical records on an employee relating to time off due to medical reasons. We are not a treatment facility.

Medical records can only be obtained via a subpoena and a processing fee.

Employee health records are governed by HIPPA Laws restricting access to these records. Questions regarding medical health records should be directed to Employee Health Services (EHS): 215-400-4600, Option 6.

Can I add or remove documents in a file?

Disciplinary documents can be removed in accordance to union guidelines by submitting your request to Employee Relations.  If your request is approved, it will be forwarded to Employee Records for removal.  Once removed, you will receive a letter of notification.

You can add to your file should you notice something is missing, such as a certificate or license.  Additions to a file must be approved by Employee Records.  Any negative documentation must be approved by Employee Relations prior to submitting to Employee Records.