Clearance and Mandated Reporter Training FAQ

Please see below for answers to some of the most common questions that we encounter-

Question 1-I don’t work directly with children. Do I still need to take this training?

Answer 1-Yes, all District employees need to take the training.


Q2-When I attempted to Log In using my School District Log In, it didn’t work. Why?

A2-The Mandated Reporter Training website is part of the University of Pittsburgh, not the School District of Philadelphia. You will need to click on the Registration button on the top of the screen to create a Log In for the site.


Q3-Help!  I don’t have a computer at home? How can I take the training?

A3-Limited systems are available in Employee Records, Staffing, and select other locations in 440. In addition, KEYSPOT locations throughout the city offer free internet access. Please follow the link below to learn more-


Q4-Do I have to take the training all at once?

A4-No. You can save by clicking on the Close/Save button on the top of the screen. In addition, the training module offers the opportunity to save after each section.


Q5-So I just need to do parts 1, 2, and 3 of the training module?

A5-No, the entire module is Part 1 of the Act 126 Mandated Training.