Our office offers a range of services for employees, in addition to maintaining personnel record files for over 20,000 active employees. These services include research of prior service and tenure for teachers, verification of employment for loans, social security, childcare, public assistance programs, disability and insurance claims for employees.

Employee Records is also your source for Clearances, including ACT 15: Amended Background checks, ACT 126: Mandatory Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting, as well as ACT 168: Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release.

Please review the various services we provide and contact us if you have any questions.

Personnel Files (Personnel Files, Requesting files, File Content, Adding/Removing documents)

Current Employees: May submit a written request for a copy of their personnel file once per school year at no cost to the employee.

Former Employees: May submit a written request for a copy of their personnel file for a $7.50 money order processing fee.

Subpoena/Third Party Requests: Employee files are available for third party requests for a $25.00 processing/handling charge. An authorized employee signature is required.


Employment Verification (How to request a verification, types of verification letters, and what information is provided)

Employment verification can be done verbally or by written document, depending on what is requested.

Employment verification includes, but is not limited to:

Mortgages, Housing, Auto Loans, Public Assistance, Child Care, Utilities, Social Security, Disability, Insurance claims, Immigration, Family Court, Tenure, Buy Back and Prior Service Research for Teachers.


Document Intake and Archival (Adding/Removing documents, Archival information)

Schools and Administration Offices can submit Retired/Resigned/Terminated Employee Files for archival.

Current Employees can submit missing documents for their file. Former employees cannot request additions or removals from their files.


Clearances – ACT 15, ACT 126, ACT 168

Learn how to obtain your clearance renewals, (FBI, Child Abuse, PA Criminal), when they are due, how you will be notified.

Learn how to obtain your ACT 126 Mandatory Reporting training.

Learn how to submit an ACT 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release Forms for prior district employees to be completed.