SPR Calculator

The SPR Calculator is a tool designed to help you better understand a school’s SPR score and how that score might change as the school’s performance changes.

To begin, select a report type and school from the dropdown menus. The school’s most recent data will appear.

The different sections of the SPR, known as domains, are displayed in blue directly below the school name. You can select any domain by clicking on the domain name.

Each performance indicator, or metric, within a domain is displayed below. For each metric, the gray number below the number line shows the school’s current performance. The black portion of the bar represents the scored range. Schools with performance below the scored range receive no points for a metric; schools with performance at or above the top of the scored range receive all of the points for a metric.

To project what a school’s score would be with different data, drag the blue dot to the desired location. The “Projected Points” and “Projected Change” to the right of the bar will adjust to reflect points gained or lost from this change. On the left side of the screen, the school’s Overall and Domain scores will also adjust.

A school may not receive certain metrics – for example, a high school that did not serve grade 12 in the most recent year will not receive the graduation rate metric. Any metrics that do not count towards a school’s score are shown with a dark gray box indicating the reason that the metric was not included. To include that metric in a school’s projected score, click on the “Click to Add” button to the right of the metric name.

Click below to use the SPR Calculator!

If you have any questions about the SPR, please contact us at performanceframework@philasd.org