Become a Mentor

Are you interested in serving as a mentor?  The Induction Team is always looking for passionate and highly qualified teachers, who are looking to mentor teachers in years 0-6 in the state of Pennsylvania and experienced teachers who are new teaching in the state of Pennsylvania.


To be considered for an induction mentor position, candidates should be a regularly appointed certified teacher in the School District of Philadelphia with a minimum of 6 years of teaching and a demonstrated knowledge of effective instruction and classroom management. Candidates should also demonstrate effective communication skills related to facilitating adult learning through professional development.

Candidates should also:

  1. Have an excellent attendance and punctuality record during the last three (3) years (defined as no more than eighteen occasions of absence for personal illness or lateness during the last three (3) years). A consecutive period of absence constitutes one occasion.
  2. Have no unsatisfactory documentation pending or currently on file.
  3. Be a regularly appointed and certified teacher in the School District of Philadelphia.
  4. Complete a performance task which will be graded using a rubric from the Office of Teaching and Learning. Should there be the same score between two applicants, seniority will be the final determining factor in hiring.

Examples of Duties/Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Commit to facilitate all Induction sessions for your cohort.  We recognize that life happens and emergencies come up; however, facilitators should not sign up if they have more than one already identified scheduling conflict. There is no pay for days not worked
  • Communicate about unforeseen circumstances (ie. serious illness, birth, death, or car trouble) as quickly as possible to the Induction team
  • Attend and actively participate in all script reviews for facilitators
  • Positively communicate with coordinators about questions, support needed and feedback
  • Follow up monthly, consistently and directly, with participants concerning portfolio requirements
  • Evaluate participant portfolios and provide feedback in a timely and efficient manner
  • Prepare for Induction sessions by reviewing the content, adapting the content as needed to meet the needs of your group, and ensuring that all materials/supplies are ready
  • Respond to communication from Induction participants and the Induction team within one work day
Ability to:
  • Effectively organize materials and model key instructional strategies.
  • Express ideas and concepts clearly and concisely.
  • Demonstrate a positive disposition in all professional settings.
  • Apply a teacher-centered approach when problem-solving.
  • Score portfolios in a timely manner: approximately 20 minutes per participant, barring revisions.
  • Be flexible and receptive to change.
  • Promote a positive professional culture through relationship building, solution-oriented communication and a willingness to collaborate with team members.


  • Appointed mentors will be compensated at the contractual Leader rate for any sessions they facilitate outside the contractual workday.
  • Appointed mentors will be compensated at the contractual EC rate for all other required tasks outside the contractual day.
  • Payment is based solely on time worked.
  • Script Review will be held on identified dates and will be compensated at the contractual professional development rate.

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