Diabetic Supplies

Need Help managing your Diabetic Supplies? Contact a Health Coach:

To speak with an available Health Coach 24/7, call 1-800-ASK-BLUE

Important change to your diabetes testing supplies for FutureScripts members.

Non Represented employees and those represented by CASA and SPAP are enrolled in FutureScripts.

There is an important change to your Future Scripts Pharmacy Plan for the supplies you use to check your blood sugar. Beginning January 1, 2020, the new preferred diabetic test strips on your prescription drug formulary will be OneTouch Verio® and OneTouch Ultra® from LifeScan®.  Using these preferred test strips helps you save time and money. If you choose to use non-preferred test strips, your doctor must complete a prior authorization form. If the prior authorization is approved, you will be charged the highest level of cost‑sharing under your pharmacy benefit. If prior authorization is not approved, you will be required to pay the full cost for the non-preferred test strips.

How to request a free blood glucose meter
To help make the transition more affordable, you can request a free OneTouch® blood glucose meter to use with the preferred test strips. Your doctor can help you decide which of the available OneTouch meters is right for you. To order a meter , you or your doctor can call 1‑866‑355‑9962 and provide order code 594PRX100.

Important information for employees who receive prescription benefits through the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare fund or the Local 634

As an employee with prescription benefits through the Philadelphia Federation of  Teachers Health and Welfare fund, your school District Medical plan covers Lancets and Test Strips as a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefit. See below for these benefits.

Keystone HMO:
There is no co-pay for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) (i.e. lancets, test strips). Subscribers MUST use network providers.

Personal Choice:  Plans have a $30 co-pay per line item for DME (i.e. lancets are one item and strips are a second item) if a network provider is used. Using an out of network provider will require you to meet an annual deductible and pay a percentage of the cost.

Finding a participating Diabetic Supplier.

visit www.ibx.com

1 – Select “Find a Doctor”

2 – Provider Search

  • Enter Your Location – type city, state or zip otherwise it will default to current location
  • Choose a Plan: Select All Plans then Medical then Keystone HMO/POS/DirectPOS or Personal Choice PPO
  • Select a Category: Type in “Diabetic Supplies”


3 – Enter to search


Time and money saving tip:

Get a prescription from your doctor for a 90 day supply.

Diabetic education is a benefit covered by Independence Blue Cross and Keystone Health Plan East (KHPE) in the treatment of diabetes through education and counseling. A primary care physician (PCP) referral is required for Keystone HMO members. There are no pre-certification requirements for Personal Choice plans.

The following counseling sessions are covered.

  • an initial baseline assessment;
  • an individual session, which is to be a minimum of one hour in duration;
  • a group session, which is to be a minimum of two hours in duration;

During the Diabetic education session, the nutritionist will teach you about the drugs you take, how to keep your sugar low, what to do in an emergency, and what to eat or drink if you are sick to your stomach. You get to hear about new drugs and new ways to help yourself. Call the phone number on the back of your medical card and speak to a customer service