Life Insurance

General Information

All Full-Time employees of the School District of Philadelphia can elect (or waive) the The Hartford (formerly Aetna)Term Life Insurance policy. The Hartford (formerly Aetna) offers two types of Term Life Insurance policies for our employees. The Basic Plan is administered by the Employee Benefits Department (215-400-4630). The Voluntary Life plan is administered by Benefits Harbor (888-391-3841). To enroll in the Voluntary Life plan online, please click here:

Who’s eligible for this benefit?

All full time employees are eligible for the Basic Term and Voluntary Term Life Insurance plans.  Supportive Service Assistants (SSA), Extra Curricular, and Per Diem employees are not eligible for these policies.

VOLUNTARY TERM LIFE INSURANCE (Displays as “VOL TERM LIF” on your paycheck)

Voluntary Term Life Insurance is a plan that pays your designated beneficiary (ies) a fixed payment amount in the event of your death. You can also enroll your spouse and children in policies of their own – dependent on your participation in the plan. Enrolled employees can call Benefit Harbor for general information, changes, and forms. The phone number is (888) 391-3841.


Basic Term Life Insurance is a plan that pays your designated beneficiary (ies) a fixed payment amount in the event of your death. The School District’s plan pays a Death Benefit only. There is no cash value associated with the plan. Premiums are based on elected policy amounts. Premiums, where applicable are collected through payroll deductions once a month – the second pay date of each month.

Policy amounts and premiums are also determined by each Union’s collective bargaining agreement. Refer to the benefits page for your classification for more information.


Classification Policy Amount(s) Employee Cost
Local 1201/32BJ $25,000 policy 100% paid by SDP
CASA $25,000 policy 100% paid by SDP
PFT $2,000-$25,000  determined by salary.

Employee Cost: $0.16-$2.00 per month

50% paid by SDP

Local 634 $20,000 determined 100% paid by SDP
SPAP $20,000 100% paid by SDP
SPAP additional $2,000 or $25,000

Employee Cost: $0.16 per month for $2,000 or

$2.00 per month for $25,000

50% paid by SDP

Non-Represented/ROTC $45,000 100% paid by SDP

Check the link for your  Local 1201/32BJ and CASA members are eligible for a $25,000 policy at no c


Employees may only elect one basic plan ($2,000 or $25,000).

Basic Plans Supplement
Union $2,000 $25,000 $20,000
PFT Yes – $0.16/ month Yes – $2.00/ month** Not eligible
1201 Free Free** Not eligible
634 Not eligible Not eligible Free
CASA N/A Free Not Eligible
Non-Rep N/A Free Free
SPAP Yes – $0.16/ month Yes – $2.00/ month** Free
ROTC N/A Free Free

* Up to $20,000 – based on salary
** Up to $25,000 – based on salary


Employees may be eligible for the Retiree portion of the Basic Term Life Insurance plan ($2,000) at no cost, if both the following criteria are met:

  1. Normal Retirement (per the State of Pennsylvania Pension classificaion rules), and
  1. Enrollment in the Basic Term Life Insurance policy for the last 10 consecutive years of active service.

If you leave active service (retired or otherwise), you have 31 days to convert all or part of the non-paid-up portion ($2,000 in the case of eligible retirees) of your active policies to a self-billing policy directly with  The Hartford (fomerly The Aetna Life Insurance Company). All Life Insurance forms can be found on our website.

If you do not meet the criteria for normal retirement, you will have 31 days to convert to a self-billing policy.


What does the deduction look like on my paycheck?

Below is a chart that displays the plan type and what the deduction looks like on your paycheck. Basic Term Life deductions are deducted from the second paycheck of each month. Voluntary Term Life deductions are deducted from paychecks from September through June.

Plan Type Paycheck Code Payment Range
BASIC LIFE INS $.16 – $2.00

Employees enrolled in one of the (At No Cost) Life Plans will not see a deduction on their paycheck.