District 1201 32BJ

Building Service 32BJ provides your medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage. Coverage for new employees will be effective on the 90th day of employment. Information and enrollment materials can be obtained by calling 877-605-8300 or visit their website, http://www.32bjfunds.org/.



Life Insurance

The Hartford offers two types of Term Life Insurance policies.  The Basic Plan is administered by the Employee Benefits Department (215-400-4630).  The Voluntary Life plan is administered by Benefits Harbor (888-391-3841).  To enroll in the Voluntary Life plan online, please click here:  https://www.memberbenefitlogin.com/ees/psd.html

In the event of your death in active service, your beneficiary will receive this payment amount.


Basic Term Life Insurance is a plan that pays your designated beneficiary (ies) a fixed payment amount in the event of your death.  The School District’s plan pays a Death Benefit only.  There is no cash value associated with the plan.  You are eligible for a term life insurance policy of $25,000 at no employee cost.

Wage Continuation

Wage Continuation is an optional salary continuation coverage you can purchase when you are first hired or during the annual Open Enrollment period.

Effective September 24, 2022 the maximum benefit period is as follows:

10-Month employees:   108 days

12-Month employees:   130 days

View your balances on the Payroll Application:

How do I check my leave balance?

You can view your leave balance through the Employee Payroll Information application or by checking your paycheck. Your School District of Philadelphia email name and password are used for access. If you do not know the name and password, call the Technology Help Desk at (215) 400-5555 for assistance. Please note that the balances shown are all subject to a post separation audit. Your paycheck references this.

From the School District of Philadelphia main website (http://www.philasd.org) go to the Employee Portal. In the Employee section, enter your email name and password.  Your email user name should exclude the “@philasd.org” designation.

Launch the “Payroll Information” application. Enter the last four digits of your social security number when prompted.  You can then select Leave Balances tab.

Wage Continuation Premium Rates. Rates based on every $100 grossed
Accumulated Sick LeaveTotal Annual Waiting PeriodEmployee Share After 3 years of EmploymentEmployee Share First 3 years of Employment
Less than 10 days7 work days$3.15$2.10
10 but less than 30 days6 work days$4.50$1.50
30 but less than 60 days5 work days$0.52$0.52
60 but less than 90 days4 work days$0
90 but less than 120 days3 work days$0
120 but less than 150 days2 work days$0
150 but less than 180 days1 work days$0
180 days and over0 work days$0