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Medical Insurance

Summary of Medical Benefits:

Keystone HMO 20

Personal Choice 25-35-50*

*Personal Choice requires 4 years of current SPAP service.  Additional premiums will apply.


New to the District? Sign up for your benefits through a google form.

Premium Co Share
All employees enrolled in medical coverage contribute 1.5% of salary for medical insurance. Additional charges may apply for spousal coverage and electing Personal Choice. The sections below outline the bi-weekly premiums employees and the medical tier in which they are enrolled. Deductions are on a bi-weekly basis; the deductions occurs on every paycheck throughout the year. Deductions are made on a pre-tax basis. SPAP employees who have four years of full time service are eligible to switch from Keystone Health Plan East to Personal Choice. A 5% Premium Co-share applies. For new employees, coverage is effective on the 90th day from employment.  For existing SDP employees changing to a SPAP position, coverage is effective on the first of the month following a position change.

You may see two deductions on your pay check.

You will see a deduction that is 1.5% of salary labeled “SLRY MED DED”.
You may have an additional charge if you elected Personal Choice or if you are subject to the spousal surcharge.  This premium will be labeled “MED BENE”.

This application is for all SDP provided health plans. Your prescription and vision are included on your medical ID card. SDP-Health-Application and Attestation

  • Complete all sections in entirety. Please refer to General Documentation Required page for a list of documents that may need to accompany your completed application.
  • The completed application and documentation, if required, can be faxed in to the Benefits Office at (215) 400-4631 or emailed to
  • Please keep a record of your an enrollment request (email or fax transmission confirmation or date stamped copy) for verification call to confirm receipt in case of future discrepancies.
Rates below are for SPAP represented employees.
New premium increases are effective in the July 1, 2023 pay.
 Tier Level Keystone 20Personal Choice 25/35/50%Personal Choice 25/35/50%Personal Choice 25/35/50%
1.5% Salary0% of premium + 1.5% Salary. Closed to new enrollment. 3 % of premium +1.5% Salary. Closed to new enrollment.5 % of premium+1.5% Salary.
Single $0$0$9.27$15.45
Employee & Child$0$0$12.97$21.63
Employee & Children$0$0$16.68$27.81
Employee & Spouse or Life partner$0$0$18.54$30.90
Employee & Spouse or Life partner with Surcharge$34.62$34.62$53.15$65.51
Family with Spouse or Life Partner Surcharge$34.62$34.62$64.42$80.96


Your prescription drug coverage is provided by Independence Blue Cross and membership information will be on your medical ID card.  The select drug select drug $10/$15/$25 program has both a retail and a cost saving mail order option.  There is no cost to you for this program.


Included with your medical and prescription plan is a Vision Program managed by Davis Vision. This covers frames and lenses.  Benefits are maximized by using Davis Vision Providers. Paid-in-full benefits for eyeglasses with standard lenses are possible when you choose from a select grouping known as the Davis Collection of Frames. Benefits summaries are below based on if you are enrolled in the Keystone HMO or Personal Choice PPO coverage

Davis Vision hmo-benefit

Davis Vision ppo-benefit

To locate a participating provider, go to and click on the ‘Find a Doctor’ feature. and select “Vision Provider”.

Dental Coverage

Dental coverage is provided by Cigna Dental. More information is available at

This benefit is provided at no cost to you. With most plans, you pay a percentage of the cost for a procedure and your insurer pays a percentage. Using a network provider maximizes your benefit. How these percentages are determined depends on the types of dental services covered.

Members receive one ID card issued in the employee’s name. Our plan has an annual deductible and coverage maximum. The annual deductible is $25.00 for the individual and $75.00 for a family. The coverage maximum is $2,000.00 per plan year. There is also a Lifetime orthodontic maximum of $1,200.00 per person. Cleaning services are not subject to a deductible. Specific coverage is outlined in the summary of benefits on our Cigna Dental Page. You can maximize your benefits if you use participating providers. Or call Cigna at 800.564.7642 Get more information from this How to Find a Dentist flyer, or call 800.Cigna24.

General Documents Required

Please refer to General Documentation page for a list of documents that may need to accompany your completed application.

Legal Fund

SPAP represented employees have access to the legal fund provided at no employee cost. To access the SPAP legal fund in take at 215-656-3600 and identify as a school police officer. Your call should be returned within 24-48 hours if the service is eligible.

Wage Continuation

Wage Continuation is the School District of Philadelphia’s (SDP) salary continuation program. You may elect coverage to protect yourself from sustained salary loss due to an illness or non-work related injury that extends beyond your sick time.

Should you become ill and exhaust all accumulated sick leave, at the conclusion of a short waiting period (0-7 days), you will be compensated a daily amount consistent with 75 percent of your salary for up to 26 weeks, pursuant to SDP approval.  Expectant mothers may use this benefit to continue their salary for 6-8 weeks from the date of birth of the baby.

In order to qualify for the continued salary benefit, you must be enrolled in the program prior to the injury or illness and your absence will be monitored by the Office of Employee Health Services.

*Enrollment in the Wage Continuation program does not guarantee eligibility of use. You must be approved by the Health Services Department for use of this program. Review the How Do I Use the Benefit? for more information.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

This benefit is extended to all salaried or benefits eligible employees who successfully complete probation, as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

When and how can I enroll?

New employees may enroll at the beginning of SDP service; however, you will not be eligible  for the program until after you have completed probation.  Coverage nd payroll contributions will begin to be deducted from your pay the first of the month following completion of probation.

  • After your first 30 days of hire, you can enroll or disenroll during the Annual Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment period held May 1 to May 31 with an effective date of July 1  for cancellation and August 16 for enrollment for 10 month employees.

Before completing the form, we suggest that you review the deduction examples below.  This benefit can be costly, depending on how many sick days you have in your bank. It is typically very costly for employees with small unused sick banks.

When does my coverage begin?

Coverage for new employees who enroll at the beginning of SDP service will begin on the first of the month following completion of probation. At that time, premium contributions will begin to be deducted from your pay.

Coverage for employees who apply during Open Enrollment will begin at the start of the new school year, August 16, after employees are advanced Personal Illness leave for the upcoming school year. This applies to 10 and 12 month employees.

What does the deduction look like on my paycheck and how much will I have to pay?

Premiums paid for the Wage Continuation program are non-refundable.

The cost of this indemnity program is dependent upon the amount of your accumulated sick leave, number of years of service, and salary.   Contributions are evaluated at the time of enrollment and at the start of each school year, thereafter. At that time, you will be placed in the appropriate plan, as detailed in the charts below. Each plan type has an associated premium and “corridor days”.

“Corridor days”, also known as annual waiting period, are the days that you are required to wait between the use of your last sick day and when your Wage Continuation payments start. The waiting period that must be completed once each school year, and ranges from 5 to 7 work days.

What does it looks like on my paycheck?

Your paycheck includes two indicators of your enrollment in the program. Please refer to this Sample Pay Stub for an example.

There is a box labeled “H.I. PLAN” under the box that contains the “EMPLOYEE NAME”. Enrollment is indicated by a code that shows how many corridor days you have and the range of accumulated sick days which your enrollment was assessed. Here are examples of the code and what it means:

The other indicator of your enrollment is the deduction.  There is a code in the DEDUCTIONS column.  That code is “WAGE CON”.

How can I cancel participation?

To cancel coverage, complete the Wage Con Cancellation form and submit during the annual open enrollment in May, effective July 1. You may only cancel coverage during the Open Enrollment period May 1 through May 31 for a July 1 effective date.

How do I use this benefit throughout the year?

*Enrollment in the Wage Continuation program does not guarantee eligibility of use. You must be approved by the Health Services Department for use of this program.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot return to work due to illness or injury (not work related), you must coordinate your absence with the Employee Health Services (EHS) department.  Completing the following steps will ensure a smooth transition:

  • For absences over 3 consecutive days, submit an Extended Illness Form SEH-3 to EHS.
  • You will receive a letter from EHS scheduling an appointment for you to visit the SDP’s physician for review of your absence.
  • You will continue to use all accrued (banked) sick days until you have none left.
  • Upon approval of your continued absence, you will have a waiting period between your last sick day and when Wage Continuation payments begin.  Waiting periods are listed above in the “How much will I have to pay” section and range between 0-7 work days, depending on which plan you are enrolled in.
  • Wage Continuation payments continue until you are cleared to return to work. Payments may continue for up to 26 weeks.
  • You may contact Health Services at (215) 400-4660 or by e-mail at Their office is located at 440 N. Broad Street, Rm 134, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

How much do I have to pay?

Please review carefully.

Below are the bi-weekly rate charts and examples calculating premiums.  Important: All premiums paid for the Wage Continuation program are non-refundable.
Refer to the chart below that explains the bi-weekly rate charged for participating in the Wage Continuation Program. The bi-weekly rate is per every $100 of salary.

Note: Premiums for employees are typically high if there are a limited number of unused sick days that are accumulated.

The “quick” way to find your bi-weekly premium is by doing the following calculation:

Formula:    Biweekly Gross pay ÷ 100 × Rate from chart = Biweekly premium
Example        $1,693.41                   ÷ 100×           $2.95          =       $49.96

If you have 0-9.99 personal illness days in your bank, the bi-weekly deduction (each paycheck) would be $49.96 at the $2.95 rate. (i.e. $1,693.41÷100×2.95=$49.96)

*Note that the purpose of this formula and calculation is to give an approximate value of the biweekly deduction. Actual biweekly deduction amounts may vary.

Employee’s share rate per $100 gross per paycheck

Wage Continuation Premium Rates*
SPAP Rates
Accumulated Sick Leave Total Annual Waiting Period After 3 years of Employment First 3 years of Employment
Less than 10 days 7 work days $4.43 $2.95
10 but less than 30 days 6 work days $3.15 $2.10
30 but less than 60 days 5 work days $0.31 $0.31
60 but less than 90 days 4 work days $0.00
90 but less than 120 days 3 work days $0.00
120 but less than 150 days 2 work days $0.00
150 but less than 180 days 1 work days $0.00
180 days and over 0 work day

Here is an example of what to expect:

There are significant differences in the premium that you pay based on the number of unused personal illness (sick) days in your bank.

Based on an annual salary of $44,198 and a bi-weekly pay rate of $1,693.41:

If you have 0-9.99 personal illness days in your bank, the bi-weekly deduction (each paycheck) would be $49.96 at the $2.95 rate. (i.e. $1,693.41÷100×2.95=49.96)
If you have 10-29.99 personal illness days in your bank, the bi-weekly deduction would be $24.89 at the $1.47 rate. (i.e. $1,693.41÷100×2.1=24.89)
If you have 30-89.99 or more personal illness days in your bank, the bi-weekly deduction would be $2.20 at the $0.13 rate. (i.e. $1,693.41÷100×0.13=2.20)
If you have 30 or more personal illness days in your bank, the bi-weekly deduction would be $0.68 at the $0.04 rate. (i.e. $1,693.41÷100×0.04=.68)


The Hartford Life Insurance

The Hartford offers two types of Term Life Insurance policies.  The Basic Plan is administered by the Employee Benefits Department (215) 400-4630.   You are entitled to a basic $20,000 term life insurance policy at no cost to you. Basic Term Life Insurance is a plan that pays your designated beneficiary (ies) a fixed payment amount in the event of your death. There is no cash value associated with the plan.

You are not required to undergo a medical examination if you enroll within the first 31 days of your employment. However, if after such time you wish to elect life insurance coverage, you will be required to complete an Evidence Of Insurability form. All life insurance coverage becomes effective on the first day of the 90th day of active service with the SDP. If you desire additional coverage, you may purchase up to an additional $25,000 in supplemental life coverage at a cost of $2.00 per month, bringing the total designated beneficiary entitlement to a maximum of $45,000. In the event of your death in active service, your beneficiary will receive this payment amount. Employee contributions are deducted from the employee’s paycheck on a post-tax basis on the second paycheck of the month.

The Voluntary Life plan is administered by Benefits Harbor (888-391-3841).  You have the option to purchase additional term life insurance through convenient payroll deductions. The Hartford Life Supplemental Term Life Insurance plan is being offered on a guaranteed issue basis up to $150,000 without proof of good health within 30 days of hire. A professional advisor from Benefit Harbor will be available to assist you with the enrollment process. The advisors will ensure that you have a complete understanding of coverage and various features available to you. To enroll in the Voluntary Life plan online, please click here.


For downloadable life insurance forms, please visit our Life Insurance page.

For information on Life Insurance Eligibility / AD&D Chart (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) and Retiree Policies (BASIC TERM LIFE), visit our Life Insurance page.