Open Enrollment

The 2020 Open enrollment period has ended.

During the year, If you experience a Qualifying Life Event, like the birth of a child, marriage or divorce, you can make changes to your medical coverage within 30 days of the event by submitting an SDP-Health-Application and Attestation with supporting documentation of the event to

If you submitted a change during Open Enrollment, please verify the change, with this timing in mind.


Medical Enrollment changes are effective based on the date they were submitted.

  •  Requests and supporting documents received by 5/31/2020 are effective 7/1/2020. Premium changes, if applicable, will be reflected in the paycheck dated 7/10.
  • Requests and supporting documents received between 6/1/2020 and 6/30/2020 are effective 8/1/2020. Premium changes, if applicable, will be reflected in the paycheck dated 8/21.

ID cards are mailed by Independence Blue Cross to your address of record with the District. You can verify your enrollment by registering and logging into the web portal at or download the free IBX app for your iPhone or Android.

If you enrolled in or added a dependent to a Keystone HMO plan, you must designate a primary care physician (PCP). You can designate a PCP at 1-800-ASK-BLUE (1-800-275-2583) or online through your account or mobile app.

Please contact the Payroll Department, if you require an address change.


Wage Continuation changes are effective as follows:

All cancellations are processed effective 7/1/2020.  Deductions for 12 month employees will stop beginning in the 7/10 paycheck.  For employees who work 10 months and do not have deductions during the summer, verify that no deduction is taken from your 9/4 pay check.

Wage continuation enrollments are effective 8/16/2020 and deductions will start with the 9/4 pay

*Wage Continuation requests for employees out on leave will be held until they return to active service.


If you enrolled in the SDP $2,000 or $25,000 Life insurance policy with a premium co-share, deductions will be in the paycheck dated 7/24 and continue in the second pay of each month.

If you do not see your requested Open Enrollment change, please contact the Benefits Department at

Available Plan Options by Union:

Keystone HMO 20XX
Personal Choice $25 / $35 / 50%XX
Keystone HMO 15  XX
Modified Personal Choice 320XX
Personal Choice $20 / $30 / 70%XX
Select Drug Program $10-$15-$25XXX

RATES: Plan costs are listed on the Premium Co-Share page.

District 1201/32 BJ employees: medical, prescription, Vision and Dental coverage is provided by your national union. You will need to contact 32 BJ at 877-605-8300 for medical Open Enrollment information.

Local 634 and PFT employees: Prescription, Vision and Dental coverage is provided by your Union Health and Welfare Fund. Contact information is below.

PFT Health and Welfare Fund 
1816 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103   
(215) 561-2722                                               
PFT Health and Welfare Contact Form 
Local 634 UNITE HERE!
Benefits administered by Associated Administrators 833-228-9212

Not sure what documents to submit for your spouse/child/dependent? Check the required Dependent Eligibility Documents.

Not sure your payroll cost for medical coverage starting July 1, 2020? Check the current Premium Co-Shares page.

Need help comparing the plans for the next Open Enrollment period?

For CASA members deciding between Personal Choice 20/30 or Modified Personal Choice 320 plans, view the SDP CASA side by side plan year 2020-2021.

For PFT and SPAP members deciding between Personal Choice 25/35 or Keystone 20 plans, view the SDP PFT HMO vs PC side by side plan year 2020-2021. Employees must have completed 4 years of PFT or SPAP service in order to elect Personal Choice medical coverage.

 On-Line Resources:

View the Resources page for tips on submitting documents electronically.

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