Dependent Eligibility

Based on your union affiliation and scheduled hours, you may cover dependents on your School District of Philadelphia (SDP) medical coverage.  You will be asked to provide documentation to enroll your dependent(s).  The SDP reserves the right to audit this information and request current documents as needed.  For some employees, there is a surcharge to cover a spouse or life partner if he/she is eligible (regardless of enrollment) for group health insurance coverage offered by his or her employer. Supporting spousal documents must match your address of record with the SDP. Please contact the Payroll Department, if you need update your address.

The chart below lists the required dependent eligibility documents.


 To cover a: You must provide:
Spouse Marriage Certificate AND a ONE document with your spouse’s name that is current (less than 1 year old):

  • Current mortgage statement, home equity loan, or lease agreement
  • Current Property Tax documents
  • Automobile registration that is currently in effect
  • Current credit card or account statement
  • Current utility bill in spouse’s name
  • Current designation as the primary beneficiary for life insurance(not SDP sponsored life insurance) or retirement benefits, or primary beneficiary designation under an employee’s will
  • Assignment of a durable property power of attorney or health care power of attorney
  • Valid government-issued ID with address matching employee address of record
  • Page 1 and signature page of employee’s 2014 or 2015 Federal Income Tax Return (1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as filed with the IRS listing the spouse
  • Page 1 and certificate of filing or email confirmation of electronic submission of employee’s Federal Income tax Return (within two years)(1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) as filed with the IRS listing the spouse
Same Gender Domestic Partner Commission on Human Relations letter from the City of Philadelphia or comparable official document AND ONE of the documents listed above in the “SPOUSE” section.

NOTE: No new enrollments permitted after 10/1/2019 for Non-represented employees and those represented by Local 634. Existing enrollments are grandfathered.

Child under the age of 26 Birth Certificate and social security number. Proof of dependency may be required. Acceptable proofs of dependency for children differ depending on the relationship between the child and the employee (and in some cases, the employee’s marital status).
Disabled child, age 26 or older Birth Certificate, social security number and certification by our insurer as an individual with a disability.
Stepchild under the age of 26 Marriage certificate indicating stepchild’s biological parent is married to the employee, birth certificate listing spouse as parent and divorce decree indicating spouse is primary care giver or a signed statement attesting to financial responsibility.