Flexible Spending Account FAQs

How do I register my Ameriflex Card?

Setting up your account is easy! Start at the registration page. Follow the instructions for setting up a new account. Scroll down to the input section. When you are asked for your Employee ID, you must use your full SSS, with no dashes.  For your Employer ‘s Registration ID, if you select Employer ID, use this code AMFSCOFPH, or select Card Number and enter the card number on your Ameriflex card.  Nnote the requirements for your password:

A password must contain 3 of the following 4 supported types of characters:

  1. An Upper Case Letter
  2. A Lower Case Letter
  3. A Special Character (such as %, !, @, etc.)
  4. A number

You can download the app on your iOS or Android phone/table for FREE through the App Store and Google Play.

TIP: The username and password for your online account are the same for the MyAmeriflex Mobile App. You can download the app on your iOS or Android phone/table for FREE through the App Store and Google Play.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Employees affiliated with CASA, SPAP, District 1201, Local 634, and Non-Represented employees are eligible to enroll. Employees represented by the Philadelphia Federations of Teachers (PFT) are not eligible to participate at this time.

When can I enroll?

Eligible employees may enroll during our Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment in November for plan year starting in January of the next year. However, you can enroll in the either or both Commuter Reimbursement Accounts at any time during the year.

How much should I contribute?

The amount depends on your annual expenses for health care and dependent care. You should estimate based on how much you spent the previous year for out of pocket cost related to health care, vision, prescription drugs, and dental work. Also consider expenses that you anticipate will incur in the participation year as well, such as potential dependent care cost or a dental/medical procedure. You can contribute up to the plan’s maximum allowed limit set each year.

As a reminder: Health and Dependent Care FSA contributions are “use it or lose it” funds, unused balance at the end of the grace period of the plan year will be forfeited. Please estimate carefully.

Can I change my election or stop contributing at any time during the year?

For Medical and Dependent Care FSA, request for contribution changes can only be allowed if you have a qualifying life event as defined under the IRS rules. Here are some examples:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a spouse or dependent child
  • A termination or commencement in your spouse’s employment.

You are allowed to elect or stop contribution to a Commuter FSA at any time by submitting the AmeriFlex Contribution Change form to the office of Employee Benefits.

How do I enroll during November?

To enroll during the annual Open Enrollment, visit https://enrollments.flex125.com/flex. The Group Ameriflex ID is AMFSCOFPH. Please refer to instructions for a step by step guide or call Ameriflex directly at 888-868-3539 for assistance. The annual Open Enrollment is held in November for a January 1 effectived date.

How can I get my plan information, such as my annual elected amount, balance, claims I submitted, pending substantiation, or a history of my incurred expenses?

Our third party administrator, AmeriFlex, manages all participants account information. You may create an online account via www.Myameriflex.com to access your plan information, or you may call AmeriFlex at 1-888-868-3539.

Can my spouse/domestic partner or dependent child(ren) use my Medical FSA account to get reimbursed or pay for health care related expenses?

Yes, as long as the expenses are eligible under the rules for medical FSA as defined by the IRS. Again, please keep all receipts/invoices as you may be required to submit for verification. Additional Convenient Debit Cards can be ordered by completing the Request a new card form available in the Benefits Forms section, or by calling AmeriFlex at 1-888-868-3539.

Can I get reimbursed from my Dependent Care FSA as soon as I pay the provider?

You can only be reimbursed, up to your contributed amount, for the care that has already been taken place. If the care has not started and you paid up-front for the cost, you will not get reimbursed until the care for the child fulfills the time period for which you paid. For example, you paid $300 in August for daycare in September and submitted claims for the amount in August. You will receive reimbursement in October for the $300 you spent in September.

When can I start using the funds I elected?

For Medical FSA, your annual election fund is available for you to use on January 1. For Dependent Care and Commuter FSA, your available funds are amounts that were deducted from your pay checks. You will not have anything to use on January 1, you can start to submit claims by the second pay in January or later. Again, eligible reimbursements are based on how much you’ve contributed.

How do I submit claims for reimbursement?

Complete the Ameriflex Spending Account Ameriflex Claim Form. A signed form and required documentation must be sent to AmeriFlex for processing. See below for submission options:

Fax Claim to: 1-888-631-1038 Attention: Claims Department

Mail Claim to:

AmeriFlex Claims Department
PO Box 269009
Plano, TX 75026

Email Claim to: Claims@myameriflex.com