Transparency in Coverage (TCR) machine-readable files (MRFs) provision mandate

The Transparency in Coverage (TCR) machine-readable files (MRFs) provision requires health plans and plan sponsors to make in-network and out-of-network machine-readable files available to the public by July 1, 2022. We are required to make this information publicly available.

Amerihealth HMO medical coverage MRF URL<>

Keystone Health Plan East medical coverage MRF URL<>

Personal Choice medical coverage MRF URL<>


The data contained in these links is displayed in a .JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file. The JSON format is a technical standard data interchange format that is primarily used for transmitting data between a web application and a server.

These files must be opened using a specialized .JSON file reader. If a .JSON file is opened using a standard business application (such as Microsoft Word), the file contents will appear as a large series of alphanumeric characters (similar to .HTML code) that will not be able to be clearly read or understood.

These files are meant to be used by researchers, government entities, and data aggregators to develop comparative data across health insurance issuers. They are not intended for use by health plan members, employees, or non-technical business users.