Demographics Forms

Marital-Status-Change-Request Use this form to update your marital status with the District. Contact Payroll,, to update tax filing status.

Use this form, Demographic Update or Correct Form to update or correct name, date of birth, prefix, or suffix.

Note: The District does not require documentation for name or gender updates or corrections.

The District supports transgender staff and students and is continuously updating its practices to better reflect this support. Regarding staff name changes, our previous practice was dictated by the state pension board – the pension system required documentation on a name change. Our employee records must match the records at the state pension board. As we understand this process has changed at the state pension board and no longer requires documentation, we will also be changing our practice. Moving forward, employees who want to change their name will not be required to provide supporting documentation and can select a gender neutral alternative prefix. If any staff wish to share their concerns, we encourage them to reach out to the Office of Employee and Labor Relations  ( or the Office of General Counsel ( so that we can look into the matter further.

This name will be reflected on your paycheck, any insurance elected through the School District,
the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), and official reporting to the IRS.

You are responsible for submitting the required name change documentation to your respective union and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, if applicable.

An official government document is required to update your date of birth.