Unsolicited Retirement Counseling Calls and Emails

We remind you that neither the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) nor the School District of Philadelphia provide your contact information to third parties. You will not receive unsolicited calls or emails offering retirement counseling or investment advice from us.

PSERS provides free Foundations for Your Future Program (FFYF) programs which provides an overview of all of the benefits provided through PSERS for all members. While especially helpful for those nearing retirement, this program is valuable for members at any point in their career.  In addition to being available online, in-person opportunities will be forthcoming later this year. Free Retirement Exit Counseling is available to anyone retiring in the current school year here.

PSERS has partnered with Voya financial for the administration of the defined contribution component of the retirement benefit for newer PSERS members but no plan communications from Voya will sell any services or products. The district also has approved Voluntary Retirement Vendors that you should contact if you want to add to your retirement savings. Visit: philasd.org/benefits/home/403-b-457b-savings-plans/ for more information.

Please be cautious and consider these valuable tips provided by the Federal Trade Commission whenever you receive unsolicited calls or emails.

You can contact our office at Benefits@philasd.org or Retirement@philasd.org with any questions.