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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education, (CTE) provides students with the skills needed to develop highly complex, industry relevant skills, while providing graduates with credentials and achievements earning industry-recognized certifications, preparing students for all aspects of post-secondary success! Please visit for more information.

School District of Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) is a key partner in a program sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called "Get Healthy Philly". This initiative focuses on healthy foods for students, nutritional awareness and increased physical activities. The District is partnering with the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH), The Food Trust (TFT) and the Bicycle Coalition (BC) to implement this project.

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Evaluation and Best Practices Newsletter

We are pleased to bring School District employees the latest edition of Evaluation and Best Practices, the Office of Accountability’s electronic monthly newsletter about research and evaluation activities in the District:

Employee Policies & Guidelines

To ensure a positive work experience, the School District of Philadelphia has developed the following policies and guidelines for employees:

  • Employee Handbook - Outlines the policies employees of the SDP are expected to follow while employed at the District.
  • 440 Building Handbook - Outlines policies and procedures pertaining to the 440 building as well as services available to employees located within the 440 building. This handbook can only be viewed by SDP employees.

440 Building Information

The School District of Philadelphia's Education Center website provides employees with helpful information to manage their daily activities in the building. The site contains:

  • General announcements
  • Building information
  • Evacuation drill schedules
  • Information about parking
  • and much much more.

This site can only be viewed by SDP employees; so if you are an employee who works at 440 or an employee visiting 440, be sure and visit the Education Center website.