Professional Learning for New and Novice Teachers

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Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia! The goal of the Teacher Development Team is to empower Philadelphia students through timely and transformational professional learning for their new/novice teachers.

You can find more information about professional learning initiatives using the tool bar on the right. The tabs on the left include information and resources curated for the needs of teachers in their first year in our district. If you don’t see what you need, please contact Elizabeth McAnally, Director of Teacher Development (

Where to find information about your new school

Visit the SDP website, go to the Schools dropdown menu, and select School Profiles & Data.

How to set up your district email and login

If you have not already registered for your Employee Portal and/or email account, click HERE.

How to take attendance and set up your gradebook

Ed Tech has curated THIS quick reference guide for SIS. You can also visit the SIS Help page HERE.

How to access your pay stub and check sick/personal day balances

Go to the Employee Payroll Information tile on the Employee Portal, commonly called Hollywood Squares.

What to do if you’re going to be absent from work

1) Request a substitute teacher using the Substitute Services tile on the Employee Portal.

2) Call your school to let them know about the absence.

3) Submit THIS form to the school office as soon as possible.

How to access tools and documents to plan instruction

Visit the Instructional Planning page HERE and the Educational Technology page HERE.

How to translate the most commonly used acronyms

Visit the SDP Acronym Glossary HERE.

Use these checklists to become acclimated to school district policies and systems, your new role, and professional responsibilities:

It’s a big district and sometimes it’s hard to know how to get your questions answered! Try THIS page of resources and points of contact. If you don’t see what you need, please contact Elizabeth McAnally, Director of Teacher Development (

A valid Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate is required for employment in the School District of Philadelphia.

  • If you have an emergency teaching permit, visit THIS document for FAQs.
  • If you hold a Level I, or Level II certificate, visit THIS document to see what you need to do to keep your teaching certification active.
  • For more information about certification and salary upgrades, visit THIS district FAQ page.
  • To access the PA Department of Education certification page, click HERE.

It’s rewarding to be a teacher, and it’s also challenging work! Don’t be discouraged when you have a tough day or feel like there’s more to learn. Great teachers are always learning and developing their craft.

  • Check out the professional learning initiatives tailored to the needs of new and novice teachers, using the tool bar on the right of this page. Our sessions are collaborative, informative, and judgment-free. For help selecting the right initiative for your needs, visit THIS flyer.
  • Reach out for support!
    • If you are a new, non-tenured teacher and haven’t yet been contacted by your Consulting Teacher, email For more information about the Peer Assistance and Review program for non-tenured teachers new to the district, click HERE.
    • If you are not already receiving coaching support from the Office of Professional Learning, sign up to be paired with a Teacher Mentor by emailing For more information about the Teacher Mentor Program, click HERE for our flyer.
    • Talk to people in your school who can support you: School-Based Teacher Leaders (SBTLs), Special Education Compliance Monitors (SPECMs), your principal or assistant principal, and other teachers.
  • Partner with your students’ families. Resources for families can be found HERE and supports for multilingual families can be found HERE, including translation and interpretation services.

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Orientation is a program that allows the District to ensure that new teacher hires are thoroughly prepared for the first day of teaching. Orientation is held for five-days in August with consolidated Saturday orientations held September – March for teachers hired later in the year. It allows us to provide timely, relevant information related to professional responsibilities, classroom management, and instruction. It also provides a unique opportunity to establish a strong adult culture within our newest cohort of teachers, to invest them with the District’s vision and to build a solid foundation to promote teacher retention.

NHO: Frequently Asked Questions

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Menu of Sessions

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NHO Information & Agenda

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Interactive Notes

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NHO Presentations

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Acronym Glossary

Are you having trouble navigating the many acronyms our district uses in emails, professional development, and conversations? Check out our Acronym Glossary HERE!

Accessing Important Information

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Professional learning tailored to the needs of novice and experienced teachers in their first year in the district.


The #teachPHL Professional Learning Community is a multi-layered initiative tailored to the needs of novice and experienced teachers who are new to the School District of Philadelphia, in order to make meaningful connections, grow their foundational toolkit, and be successful in the classroom and school community.

#teachPHL supports teachers through:

  • Impactful Professional Development: Twice-monthly sessions focused on classroom environment, instructional best practices, and timely professional learning topics, with an emphasis on planning and practice in a judgment-free space.
  • Resource Center: Curated resources needed for success in the first year of teaching in SDP and selected materials from professional development sessions.
  • Office Hours: Monthly opportunity to ask questions, seek resources, or engage with a thought partner.

Use the following links to access more information about the #teachPHL professional learning community.

Questions may be directed to

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Professional learning and resources for newly hired emergency-certified teachers.

State-approved program of study that fulfills one of the requirements for Level II certification.

All educators seeking to convert their Level I instructional certificates to Level II instructional certificates must go through this program.

Program Overview

Induction is a requirement in the state of Pennsylvania for all educators to convert their Level I instructional certificate to a Level II instructional certificate.  The Teacher Induction program is offered to all teachers who have taught in Pennsylvania for 0-6 years and/or have teaching experience outside of Pennsylvania. In addition to completing a state-approved Induction program, teachers in Pennsylvania must also have 3 years of teaching experience in the state and 24 post-baccalaureate credits to convert their level I teaching certificate to a level II.

The Teacher Induction program gives teachers the opportunity to participate in a full year of professional development that focuses on the unique needs of beginning educators. Our Induction program provides one year of support that prioritizes skill development, personal reflection, and professional networking. Our model provides teachers with general pedagogical strategies that are designed for teachers in years 0-3.  The program has opportunities to collaborate and problem solve with similar teachers of similar grade level and content area. There are two choices of cohorts for participants. Both include the 20 hours of in-person learning and 10 hour of portfolio work.


Teacher Induction is advertised on the Teacher Information Board and through teacher e-mail distribution lists. Teachers should register by completing the registration survey.

Participants should have a fully-charged laptop and any relevant planning materials for each session and should be ready to practice and to apply the new content and be open to feedback from colleagues and mentors.

For Nurses seeking Induction, please contact

For psychologists seeking Induction, please contact

For counselors seeking Induction, please contact

For Pre-K teachers seeking Induction, please contact

For additional questions regarding Teacher Induction, please contact

2024-2025 Session Information

Please review the Induction Flyer for all the most important information!

The Teacher Induction Program offers two different cohorts to accommodate your schedule.

  • Cohort 1 has sessions in the summer and throughout the course of the school year.
  • Cohort 2 has sessions on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year.

Attendance is required at all sessions.

  • All sessions for Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 will be virtual until more information is provided.
  • More information will be provided to registered participants as the dates approach.

Use this application on the Employee Portal to register for professional learning sessions.